Fun FREE lockdown challenge game #WeGotThisNZ for kiwi kids to play on GooseChase app

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Fun FREE lockdown challenge game #WeGotThisNZ for kiwi kids to play on GooseChase app

When Hattie and Joe, my seven year olds heard the news that the April school holidays were starting a couple of weeks ahead of schedule because of Covid-19 they were absolutely delighted!

As a parent juggling a four-day-a-week job as an Activation Advisor at Auckland Council and working on my Master’s thesis, I was slightly less excited…

We have been in our “bubble” since Tuesday morning. So far, it’s not going too badly, as Shouty Mummy hasn’t yet made an appearance! 

One reason for this is that the kids have been occupied and enjoyed playing with the FREE cool virtual scavenger hunt #WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge that our team developed at work (along with input from my children) which you can play the game on the GooseChase app.  Kids (and parents) can complete missions, which are fun little challenges to do at home or while you are out on your daily walk.  The #WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge provides Kiwi kids with something to keep them happy and occupied when they can’t go anywhere.

Collins family challenge
Jacquelyn Collins and her children Hattie and Joe balancing

Hattie and Joe are at the perfect age for something like this because they can tackle a lot of things independently and can follow instructions well. It’s been a godsend in our house! Every few hours, when tempers are fraying and the kids are getting scratchy, we pull out my phone and find something fun to do. The missions aren’t a source of stress, so there’s very little fiddly craft stuff to do, and a lot of easy things like “do a cartwheel” or “play a board game” challenges. When there is something that involves parental involvement, like “bake a yummy treat“, it also says that this is only an option if parents in the house have the time and energy! There are also a few missions that encourage kids to be helpful for their parents, like ‘wash the family car’ and ‘do the washing-up’ too.


Paint some rocks mission

Daily walks were becoming a little boring as we kept covering the same old ground, but the missions have helped to keep things fresh by encouraging us to leave chalk notes for nearby friends, or to look out for friendly cats, or public art. We’ve also been able to include other activities, like the adorable Bear Hunt. Hattie is very sporty and has latched onto anything that involves moving a lot, so she likes the ‘jump on the trampoline’ type missions, whereas Joe loves playing games and building things, so he’s keen on missions that ask for board game challenges, or obstacle courses. The beauty of the #WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge is that there is a huge variety of missions so there is something for everyone.

Collins family playing games
Game on: Colins family playing Connect Four game

It’s really easy to join the FREE #WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge just:
1. Download the FREE GooseChase app in IOS or Android
2. Open the app and register your family team or play as a guest
3. Join the game by searching WeGotThisNZ Lockdown Challenge or enter the game code: EZLV3L
4. After joining you will you will be taken straight to the mission let and can start playing!

New missions are added every day, and it’s been brilliant to see more and more families join in. It is open for everybody in New Zealand to play and people from all around New Zealand are playing. 

GooseChase Adventures app


This is such a stressful and uncertain time, but playing the game with Hattie, Joe, and my husband Tristan has really helped us to find some fun in every day. I believe that young people are far more likely to be active if we make things like a game. It’s certainly what I’ve found with Hattie and Joe, anyway – they’re do just about anything if we ask them in silly voices, or promise to time them. Play is so important for kids, and I’m glad that my little family has been able to help make other families happy! 

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