Which Auckland Beaches are safe to swim at?

Which Auckland Beaches are safe to swim at?

Before you head our to the beach with your family, you can check to see if it is safe to swim on Auckland Council’s Safeswim website.

The website is updated for live information on water quality and swimming conditions and is easy to use.

Safeswim website
Note: this image is not a live feed from the Safeswim website. Please visit Safeswim https://safeswim.org.nz/ for uptodate information.

You type the name of the beach that you want to visit into the search area. For example we have entered Mission Bay Beach.  The website shows whether or not it is safe to swim at this beach. As shown in the image below, the results at the time we did the search was that Mission Bay Beach had a low risk of illness from swimming and there were no safety alerts.  

Mission Bay Beach Safe Swim Website
Example of Safeswim 3 day forecast for an Auckland Beach. Visit the live site to search for the beach you want to visit.

You can also use the website to plan your visits in advance, as it shows you the 3 day forecast for the water quality at your chosen beach as well.

Safeswim’s website is free to use, and you can find it at: www.safeswim.org.nz

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    • Auckland Council’s website https://safeswim.org.nz/ currently only shows the beach report up to 3 days in advance and as of today only shows this up to Tuesday 24 December 2019. It is showing that on 24 Dec 2019 it is safe to swim for Xmas 2019 with a “Low risk of illness from swimming”. If it rains in Auckland then beach forecasts can quickly change, so you are best to check the safe swim website for the most up to date information on the day before you head out.

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