18 BEST Fenced Auckland Playgrounds

Madills Farm Playground in Kohimarama, Auckland, NZ
Auckland for Kids visits Madills Farm playground in Kohimarama | Photo: Auckland for Kids

Auckland's 18 BEST fenced & partially fenced playgrounds

Here is our pick of the 18 best fenced and partially fenced public playgrounds for your little ones to stay safe while playing and so that you don’t have to worry about them running away. If you know of others that should be included here, just drop us a note in the comments below.

1. Madills Farm Playground (pictured above)

Madills Farm, Corner of Allum Street, Kohimarama CENTRAL AUCKLAND

Fun park for all ages, there are slides, seasaws, swings, climbing nets and more.  The park is fully fenced and there are water fountains and public toilets.  

There is a small bike track inside the fenced playground, however the paths through the rest of Maddills Farm are a good place for kids to learn to ride too.

2. Whenuapi Settlement Playgound


Playground for all ages with climbing tower, swings. The park is partially fenced and is next door to a cafe The Parkhouse too.

Read about Auckland for Kids parent contributors visit to Whenuapai Settment Playground here.

Whenuapai Settlement Playground for kids in Auckland, NZ
Whenuapai Settlement Playground

3. Roberta Reserve Playground

Roberta Reserve, Glendowie, CENTRAL AUCKLAND

Playground for all ages with climbing tower, swings. The park is fully fenced and has a perfect view looking out over the reserve across the sea to Bucklands Beach. The park has  public toilets, and a picnic table just outside the fenced playground.

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Roberta Reserve Playground in Glendowie, Auckland
Roberta Reserve in Glendowie | Photo: Auckland for Kids

4. Potters Park Playground (Balmoral)

Potters Park, Dominion Road, Balmoral, CENTRAL AUCKLAND

Fun playground with a splash pad which operates in summer, playground and basketball court. This is only a partially fenced playground so you will still need to watch your little ones here.

Potters Park partially fenced playground in Auckland, NZ
Partially fenced children's playground in Balmoral, Auckland, NZ (Photo: Auckland for Kids)

5. Blyton Lane Park

Blyton Lane Park, Pakuranga, EAST AUCKLAND

Renovated by Auckland Council in September 2017.

6. Eastern Beach Playground

34R The Esplande, Eastern Beach, Howick, EAST AUCKLAND

Fully fenced playground next to the beach with slides, swings, seesaw, climbing frame. There are picnic tables and public toilets.

7. Sylvia Park Mall Playground

Sylvia Park Mall (next to the Baby Factory), CENTRAL AUCKLAND

Fully fenced playground between the shopping centre and the road with a padded floor and partially covered from rain and sun. The playground is suitable for a wide age range of children.

8. Lake Town Green Playground

Jutland Road, Hauraki, NORTH SHORE

Fully fenced play area with a sandpit, basket swing, slide, stone xylophone, spinner and a kid’s trike & scooter track around the perimeter suited to toddlers and young children.

Lake Town Green Playground
Lake Town Green Playground
Lake Town Green Playground at Jutland Road, Hauraki

9. Mairangi Bay Playground

2 Sidmouth Street, Mairangi Bay, NORTH AUCKLAND

Fully fenced shady playground and there are public toilets across the road.

10. Potters Park Takapuna Playground

Corner of Lake Road and Anzac Street, Takapuna, NORTH SHORE

Newly built in July 2017, this partially fenced playground in central Takapuna next to the rose gardens is perfect for preschool age children with a mound with tunnels and slides, low level climbing nets, basket swings and more. As this partially is only partially fenced you will still need to keep a close eye on your younger children.

Potters Park Playground in Takapuna, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland for Kids visits Potters Park partially fenced children's playground in Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. | Photo by Auckland for Kids

11. Warkworth Playground

Riverbank, Baxter Street, Warkworth, NORTH AUCKLAND

This partially fenced playground between the main township and the river is best suited to younger children. There are climbing frames and swings. Public toilets are close to the park.

12. Botanical Drive Park Playground

Botanical Drive, Silverdale, NORTH AUCKLAND map

Fully fenced playground with gates and shade sails. There are no public toilets.

Botanical Drive Playground in Silverdale, Auckland
Botanical Drive Park Playground in Silverdale

13. Seine Reserve Playground

Seine Road and Tiber Road, Milford NORTH AUCKLAND

Fenced playground with a seesaw, slide, climbing frames and obstacles. Good for preschoolers and primary school aged children.

14. Nile Reserve Playground

Corner Nile Road and Belmont Terrace, NORTH AUCKLAND

Fenced small  playground with climbing wall, large slide, swings and see saw.

15. Craigavon Park Playground

Corner Portage Road and Connaught Street, Blockhouse Bay WEST AUCKLAND

Fully fenced playground for all ages, with climbing frames, swings, seesaws, and slides.  Nearby there are barbecue tables and a skate park too.

Craigavon fenced playground
Fully fenced playground in Blockhouse Bay (Photo: Auckland for Kids)

16. Meadowood Playground

Corner Meadowood Drive and Caribbean Drive, Unsworth Heights, NORTH AUCKLAND

Partially fenced playground for all ages, with climbing frames, swings, seesaws, and slides.  Nearby there are barbecue tables and a skate park too. There is a small carpark off Meadowood Drive next to the community centre.

17. Cox's Bay Reserve Playground

44-46 West End Road, Westmere, CENTRAL AUCKLAND

Partially fenced playground for kids with slide, swings, mini in ground trampolines, climbing frames and toilets. The playground is on the edge of the reserve which is a fun spot for a bike ride or to play with a ball afterwards and there are picnic tables. The car park is close to the playground too. If you have younger children you will still need to keep a close eye on them as the playground is next to the car park and whilst it is partially fenced they can get out.

Cox's Bay Reserve Playground - Auckland for Kids
Cox's Bay Reserve Partially fenced playground in Westmere, Auckland (Photo: Auckland for Kids)

18. Ridge Park in Long Bay

Ridge Park, Long Bay, NORTH AUCKLAND

Fully fenced toddlers playground in Ridge Park in Long Bay. There is also a water play area, path around the park for bikes and scooters, seats and a public toilet

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  1. Coxs Bay is not fully fenced. There is no fence at the end of the park by the swings which leads to carpark. please amend your website. I rely on this site to try and find safe fully fenced playgrounds for my 3 under 2 and its not helpful to get somewhere to find its not at all what it is supposed to be! Madills Farm on the otherhand – awesome. Thank you for the tip for that one!

    • Thanks Libby for letting us know, it should say partially fenced rather than fully, we have updated our article to reflect this. Thanks for letting us know.

      You should try out the Craigavon Playground in Blockhouse Bay, that is another great fully fenced playground which is fun for all ages.

      As you are obviously a keen visitor to fenced playgrounds do you have any other suggestions of ones that we should include on Auckland for Kids website to share with other parents?

  2. I wonder why there are no great playgrounds in South Auckland, the area that probably needs them the most.

  3. It’s amazing to see many parks are available in NZ. We are definitely so lucky.

    How about some kind of public toilets in most of the parks, parks are designed for kids to enjoy and rather to play Gameboys or TV/internet at home. Not much fun when the kids just happened to play for a little bit and rush home to use toilets.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Yes we are lucky to have so many parks for our kids to enjoy in Auckland. I agreed public toilets near parks are great for little kids. I’m not sure if you know but Auckland for Kids is run by me an Auckland parent and we don’t get any input into park designs or facilities or other decisions made by Auckland Council. I suggest you speak to your local Auckland Council Board members who from my understanding are the people responsible for approving the design of new parks and what public facilities there are in their local areas.


  4. Mairangi Green Playground (Opposite the toy library) on Sidmouth street is a fully fenced park which is 5 minutes walk to the beach. Its an amazing little park with public toilets near by. And an award winning bakery ‘Mairangi Bay Bakery’ opposite that sells cup cakes decorated with small toys a fantastic weekend adventure for the family

  5. At Manukau Supa Centa a playground in front of Coffee Club is fully fenced and ideal for toddlers to age 10. Has seating and shade.

  6. Moa Rd Reserve Pt Chev. Small but fully fenced
    Have to park by road, small walk

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