Keith Park All Abilities Playground, Weymouth

Keith Park Playground by Playtop

Keith Park All Abilities Playground, Weymouth

Children with disabilities will love the playground at Keith Park in Weymouth, Manurewa in South Auckland, New Zealand. The playground was specifically designed to cater to children with disabilities and to be accessible and inclusive for all children.  The best thing is that siblings and friends can play together on all the playground equipment! This playground is the first of its kind in Auckland, and hopefully there will be more accessible playgrounds in Auckland in the future. 

The playground has a wheelchair trampoline, inclusive net see-saw, accessible basket swing, wheelchair accessible carousel, talking tubes, musical sensory play, a wooden play tower with an accessible ramp and tube slide. The playground is fully fenced with soft safe fall surfacing on the ground to optimise mobility access and guide sight impaired children to the play equipment.  Around the playground is a wide accessible footpath and there are two accessible toilets and an accessible drinking fountain. 

Keith Hay Park playground by Ivy Ellison
Bea Ellison enjoying the accessible play area under the play tower - Photo by Ivy Ellison
Keith Hay Park playground by Ivy Ellison
Robert and Bea Ellison bouncing on the wheelchair accessible trampoline - Photo by Ivy Ellison

Auckland for Kids tips:

  • Suitable for toddlers

  • Suitable for primary school children

  • Suitable for older kids

  • 90% of the playground equipment is fully accessible

  • Accessible toilets

  • Fully fenced

  • Picnic table and seats including space for wheelchairs

  • Accessible drinking fountain

Keith Hay Park playground by Ivy Ellison
Robert and Bea Ellison playing in the basket swing - Photo by Ivy Ellison
Carousel at Keith Park Playground
Wheelchair accessible carousel - Photo by Playtop
Keith Hay Park playground by Ivy Ellison
Bea Ellison playing on the net see-saw - Photo by Ivy Ellison
Keith Park Weymouth
Keith Park - Photo by Ivy Ellison


Keith Park Accessible Playground is at Roys Road, Weymouth in South Auckland and overlooks the harbour.

A short drive away is Waiata Shores in Manurewa which has Songbird Cafe adjacent to another playground if you want to spend some more time in the nearby neighbourhood.

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  1. Good day to you.
    My children will enjoy the new Playground in Wiri.
    Will this site be fenced totally off from the roadway by a fence?

    And is it possible to enclose this area with a fence the way as it was done in Manukau near Kmart and Keith Park, Weymouth in South Auckland ?

    Children suddenly escape and run, it’s hard to catch up with them. Cars can run over at any time if the site is not surrounded from all sides.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for your email. You make a good point about the playground not being totally fenced. Auckland for Kids is run by a fellow Auckland parents and so we can only do what you can do which it to talk to your local board about the fencing who may take this into consider for future improvements to playgrounds in your neighbourhood.

      Auckland for Kids

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