We’re taking the kids camping in the lounge

We’re taking the kids camping in the lounge

Being stuck at home during lockdown calls for some creativity to take the kids on an adventure at home.

If you love camping, why not try indoor camping instead. Just pitch your tent or make a makeshift tent in the living room, toast some marshmallows and sing songs around a pretend campfire. Plus you get to keep the home comforts of running water and no mosquitoes when you camp indoors.

How can you make a fun indoor camping experience for your kids?

Sleep in a tent

To make this as authentic as possible try and sleep in a real tent. But if you don’t have one, then you can always set up a makeshift tent out of blankets and your dining room table, the play tent or a tee-pee. Fill the inside of your tent with pillows, sleeping bags and torches. The kids may want to bring their fairy lights and soft toys to decorate the inside of the tent too.

Family reading by torch light in makeshift tent

Make a pretend campfire

Get the kids to make a pretend campfire in advance of the camp. We used some cellophane and coloured card and shined a torch up through the flames. You can add some firewood around it as well to make it more authentic. If you are lucky enough to have a real fireplace inside at home then you can use this instead!

The best thing about a campfire is that your family can gather around it to tell scary stories, make shadow puppets or play campfire games.

Shadow puppet games

Plan what camp food you will have for dinner

Instead of using the kitchen,  cook your dinner outside on the BBQ to make it seem more like camping outdoors. Don’t use your dining table, but eat on the floor around your pretend campfire too. 

Don't forget dessert too!

And as the kids will remind you, don’t forget about dessert. Making some smores or  toasting marshmallows is a classic treat that is still a favourite.

Go stargazing from your deck or garden

Kids love stargazing, and just because you are home dosen’t make it any less special.

If you are lucky enough to have a telescope at home,  then this is the perfect camping trip to take it on. You don’t need to worry about fitting it in the car along with all the other camping gear.

Telescope and the night sky

Leave your technology at home

To get a real camping experience, everyone should leave their technology at home. 

That means no TV, and parents no doing work, no checking emails or Instagram. Just because your technology is close by in the house,  make sure you resist the urge to use it so that you can enjoy camping with the kids.  

Mother and camping in a tent

Sing some songs, or play some music. Or for older kids maybe they can play their music for you to enjoy.  

Bedtime stories by torchlight

Children will enjoy reading bedtime stories by torch light in their tent before going to sleep. Somehow reading by torch light always makes stories seem more exciting for kids. 

Kids reading a book by torchlight in a makeshift tent

Time to sleep

Eventually your little ones will fall asleep from their indoor camping adventure. Then it’s time for you to relax and enjoy watching them sleep.

Parents watching a child sleeping in a tent indoors

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