Top 40 public sculptures and outdoor art in Auckland

Top 40 public sculptures and outdoor art in Auckland

Hobsonville Point Bird Sculpture

Find out where Auckland's most popular sculptures in Auckland are for families and kids.

Galleries and museums are fun, but kids will enjoy discovering public art outdoors in the sun and even the rain too! Auckland has lot’s of public sculpture for you to enjoy, from to we have it all.

Here is our list of the best public sculptures in the city to seek out soon!

1. The Wind Tree by Michio Ihara

This is an iconic stainless sculpture for Auckland kids who grow up going paddling underneath it in summer in Silo Park. Although it’s not an official paddling pool, kids love playing in pool and running up and down the green mounds that separate it from the basketball court.

Admire the stainless steel trusses swining in the wind while your kids play.

Where can you find it: In Silo Park next to the basketball courts and childrens playground in Auckland City Centre

Wind Tree sculpture in Silo Park, Auckland for Kids
Paddling underneath The Wind Tree Sculpture at Silo Park | Photo by Auckland for Kids

2. Boy Walking by Ronnie van Hout

You can’t miss this giant size boy sculpture striding purposefully in Potter’s Park.  Get a photo of your kids under Boy Walking, even your teens and tweens will look small.

Where can you find see him? Walking on the Dominion Road edge of Potters Park in Balmoral in Central Auckland.

Boy Walking Sculpture
Boy walking sculpture by Dominion Road in Potter Park | Photo: Auckland for Kids

3. Te Ara I Whiti - The Pink Lightpath by Arekataera Katz Maihi, iion Limited

Where can I find this? You can walk, bike or scooter on the light path. There are entrances to  the Lightpath from the top of Nelson Street and East Street in Newton in Auckland City Centre.

Pink Light Path
Photo by : @blueskynz

4. Twist and Thief by Tanja McMillian | Misery and John Oz4ie

The cute anime bronze sculptures are a hit with little kids.

Where can I find this? On the footpath on K Road (the 2 sculptures are at 179 and 184 Karangahape Road) in Auckland City Centre.

5. Te Kanohi o Te Manu | The Eye of the Bird by Philipp Meier

Kids love this giant corten steel pied shag bird sculpture, because as well as being stunning to look at it has a slide inside the bird to play on. Adults if you can’t fit down the slide you can still climb up the stairs and into it’s body for a view out the top too!

Where can I see it? Harrier Point Park and Playground in Hobsonville Point, North-West Auckland.

Te Kanohi o Te Manu The Eye of the Bird sculpture at Hobsonville Point, Auckland, NZ | Photo by Auckland for Kids Hobsonville Point, Auckland for Kids
Te Kanohi o Te Manu The Eye of the Bird sculpture at Hobsonville Point, Auckland, NZ | Photo by Auckland for Kids

6. Sounds of the Sea by Company duo Johan Olin and Aamu Song

Sounds of the Sea is one of our families favourite interactive public artworks in Auckland. Each time we go down to North Wharf we take a photo of the kids playing in them and it’s fun to watch them grow over the years and how they start of looking small in the funnel and then filling it up by the time they are teenagers.  You can talk through the speaking tube funnels, climb into them or just admire the shiny beauty of the sculpture representing ship funnels.

Where can I find this? There are 3 sets of Sound Wave Sculptures on North Wharf between Silo Park overlooking the harbour.

Sounds of the Sea - Photo, Auckland for Kids
Sounds of the Sea | Photo: Auckland for Kids

7. The Lighthouse by Michael Parekowhai

The classic 1950’s state house Tu Whenua-a-Kura sculpture by New Zealand artist Michael Parekowhai is situated at the end of Queens Wharf overlooking the Waitemata Harbour. Inside The Lighthoues sculpture are glowing neon lights and a giant stainless steel sculpture of Captain Cook.  Just a warning, as you head down Queens Wharf let the kids know that you won’t be able to  actually go inside the light house, but they can look into and through the windows –  that way there won’t be any disappointment when you get up close. The kids can climb up the stair case on the outside of it through!

you can’t go inside the lighthouse

Where can I see it? At the end of Queens Wharf in Auckland City Centre or on the sea from the ferries as they come into town.

The Lighthouse | Photo by Auckland for Kids
The Light House by Michael Parekowhai on Queen's Wharf in Auckland City Centre | Photo: Auckland for Kids
State House Queens Wharf
Watching the glowing Neon lights and Captain Cook sculpture inside The Light House | Photo: Auckland for Kids

8. Knocknock by Seung Yul Oh

Kids love playing and climbing on the eight bright coloured eggs dotted throughout the street in Newmarket created by South Korean artist, Seung Yul Oh. These have been a favourite with our kids when they were little and still bring a smile to their faces as teenagers too!

Where can I see these? In Newmarket on Osborne Street  and Teed Street

Knocknock sculpture in New Market, Photo Auckland for Kids
Knocknock egg sculptures by Seung Yul Oh in Newmarket | Photo by Auckland for Kids

9. Waharoa by Selwyn Muru

Wharoa is one of Auckland’s most well known sculptures in Aotea Square by artist Selwyn Muru. Children love walking under the giant wooden artwork which represents the spiritual forces of the sea, sky and land.

Where can I see it? In Aotea Square, between the Town Hall overlooking Queen Street in the city centre.

10. Kaitiaki by Fred Graham

This large steel-plate hawk bird is one of our families favourite outdoor sculptures in Auckland Domain by Maori sculptor Fred Graham.  It can seem a little intimidating for young kids at first, but the hawk is impressive when you get up close to it. It is situated at the top of the hill where it can be the guardian of the land.

Where can I see it? Auckland Domain (Between the rear entrance of Auckland Museum and Football Road) in Parnell.

Kaitaki sculpture by Fred Graham in Auckland Domainsculpture in Auckland Domain, photo Auckland for Kids
Kaitaki sculpture by Fred Graham in Auckland Domain | Photo by Auckland for Kids

11. Cytoplasm by Phil Price

Children like watching the silver Cytoplasm discs of the kinetic sculpture by Phil Price move in the wind into different shapes.

Where can I see it? In Waitemata Plaza by the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland City Centre.

Cytoplasm sculpture in Waitemata Plaza | Photo by Auckland for Kids

12.Upon a Pond by Seung Yul Oh

Admire the giant bubble cluster interactive sculpture by artist Seung Yul Oh which let’s out steam out the white pipes. There is also another colourful lightbox sculpture Droop a Loop by Seung Yul Oh under the roof outside Albany Stadium Pool. 

Where can I see it? Next to the Albany Stadium Pool, In Albany on Auckland’s North Shore.

Upon a Pond Sculpture, photo Auckland for Kids
Upon a Pond Sculpture in Albany | Photo by Auckland for Kids
Upon a Pond sculpture Auckland for Kids
Upon a Pond sculpture in Albany, Auckland, NZ | Photo by Auckland for Kids

13. The Women's Suffrage Mural by Jan Morrison and Claudia Pond Eyley

This is a classic piece of public art in Auckland of mosaic panels on the Te Ha o Hine Place fountain , walls and stairs representing the struggle to women to vote in 1893. 

Where can I see it? Te Ha o Hine Place which connects the Auckland Art Gallery to Lorne Street in the Auckland City Centre.

14. Hinaki Guardian by Virginia King

The giant silver stainless steel sculpture by artist Virgina King represents an eel trap or Hinaki. Historically the nearby tidal flats where breeding grounds for eels, fish and shellfish. Two brass rings encircle the Hinaki on the wharf and have the poem Eel by Fiona Farrell engraved in them.

Kids will enjoy looking down through the eel trap and whole in the wharf to see what sealife is in the water below. At night, the blue lights under the wharf reflect and lots of small fish are attracted.

Where can I see it?  Hobsonville Ferry Wharf at Hobsonville Point in North-West Auckland.

Hobsonville Point Eel Basket Sculpture
Hinaki Gaurdian eel trap sculpture on Hobsonville Ferry Wharf | Photo by Auckland for Kids

15. Karangahape Road Fountain by Greet Twis

This is one of Auckland’s older sculpture fountains that the bronze has weathered into a stunning shade of green.  The kids enjoy watching the water running  down the grooves in the sculpture. We recommend visiting this sculpture in the day time rather than at night.

Where can I see it?  Pigeon Park on Karangahape Road

KRoad Sculpture Photo by Boba Baluchova
Tove Tui and Boba Markovic by the Karangahape Road Fountain. Instagram: @boba.m.baluchova

16. Long Modified Bench by Jeepe Hein

We first say this long and bendy park bench on the terrace at Auckland Art Gallery and the kids likes to climb and slide on it there. It’s now moved to Waitemata Plaza where the kids still enjoy playing on it. Plus now at night time the artwork is light up with LED lights.  If we are honest though, we preferred it when the long modified sculpture was on the terrace at the art gallery overlooking Albert Park as it was another fun area the kids could burn off in the gallery whilst parents could sit and relax and take in the green view of the park.

Where can I see and play on this? Waitemata Plaza next to the Viaduct Harbour

White Bench Auckland for Kids
Long Modified Bench | Auckland for Kids
Long Bench - Auckland for Kids
Long Modified Bench | Auckland for Kids

17. Newmarket Street Art murals by Flox

We love Flox’s work and her colourful murals. 

Where can I see these?  Clayton Street, York Street, Eden Street ad 242 Broadway in Newmarket.

Flox mural in Newmarket, Auckland for Kids
Flox mural in New Market | Photo by Auckland for Kids

18. Beacon by Lang Ea

Discover artist Lang Ea’s mirrored surface sculpture Beacon all light in purple at night time at Milford Reserve overlooking the marina. Kids will love watching their own reflection in the sculpture too!

Where can I see it?  Milford Reserve, Milfordcytoplas

19. Tree Cozy by Alison Milne and the community

Kids will enjoy seeing the pohutukwa tree that has been cozied by Alison Milne of Knitted Graffti and the community in shares of red, orange and hot pink wool. 

Where can I see it?   Launch Road, Hobsonville Point.

Yarn tree at Hobsonville Point, Auckland, NZ
Pohutukawa tree and it's colourful knitted tree cozy | Photo by Auckland for Kids

20. DOO and VIC and TEATUBE by John Radford

Next time you head to Western Park checkout John Radford’s sculptures which make reference to the loss of key archictecture in Auckland City.

Where can I see it?  Western Park near the Ponsonby Road end

21. Soapbox

This fun sculpture overlooks Lake Pupuke and is close to the Pumphouse Theatre. Kids will enjoy climbing onto the raised soapbox made out of concrete and steel to tell their story, or perform. 

Where can I see it? Killarney Park in Takapuna on the North Shore.

22. The Playing Windmills by Leone van den Eijkel

Kids will love watching the giant colourful windmills by artist Leon van den Eijkel who grew up in Holland. 

Where can I see it?  Corner de Havilland and Wallace Roads in Hobsonville Point

Windmills Auckland for kids
The playing Windmills | Photo: Auckland for Kids

23. OnDo by Seung Yul Oh

This is a fun sculpture made up of orange road work barriers surrounding the giant suspended noodles and chopsticks. The noodles made out of cables appear to be suspended in the air, but it’s actually an optical illusion.

Where can I see it?  527 Dominion Road in Balmoral (diagonally opposite Potters Park in Balmoral).

24. Nuffield Lane Street Art by Various Artist

This back street in Newmarket first had a community art project to display Auckland’s street art talent. You will find street art murals by BMD, Charles and Jannine Williams, Erika Pearce and more. Later a contemporary mural of birds was added by Melina Butt to Nuffieldl Lane.

Where can I see it? Nuffield Lane in Newmarket

Street Art Mural by Melinda Butt, Photo Auckland for Kids
Auckland for Kids admiring the Melinda Butt's street art mural in Newmarket, Auckland, NZ | Photo Auckland for Kids

25. Mahi Tahi by Jae Kang

Kids can play with the bright yellow and purple kinetic sculpture by turning the two crank handles to move each of the giant ribbon blades.

 Where can I see it? Pukekohe Town Square off King Street in Pukekohe, South Auckland.

26. Aramarama Millenium Footbridge by Virginia King and Chris Thom

The bridge is as much a good shortcut straight to Mission Bay Beach as well as a beautiful sculpture in the shape of a waka prow and aerial Pohutukawa roots.

Where can I see the bridge?  Aramarma connects Selwyn Domain at Mission Bay to Tamaki Drive

Aramarama Millenium Footbridge in Mission Bay, Auckland, NZ
Aramarama Millenium Footbridge in Mission Bay, Auckland, NZ | Photo: Auckland for Kids

27. Silver by Virginia King

The giant circular silver stainless-steel sculpture is like a magnet for kids. The sculpture has become a symbol of the constant traffic that flows through this intersection.

Where can I see it? Corner of Broadway and Khyber Pass in Newmarket

28. Andale, Andale by Reuben Paterson

Rueben Paterson’s glittering artworks are always a hit with the kids. This giant flower art work used 15 large sheets of aluminium. Andale, Andle is Latin American and means to ” Hurry Up”, which is fitting given it is right next to the train station and people are quickly coming and going.

Where can I see it?  Outside Newmarket Train Station on Remuera Road

Newmarket Train Station
Rueben Paterson's colourful Andale Andale art by Newmarket Station | Photo: Auckland for Kids

29. The World Grasped by Terry Stringer

Terry Stringer’s bronze sculptures need to be viewed from all angels to fully appreciate them. This sculpture has three different images: the head of a boy resting on this hand, a hand plucking an apple and the world being supported on the shoulders of Atlas. Challenge your kids to see if they can find all 3 of them.

Where can I see it? Broadway in Newmarket, between the Olympic Swimming Pool and the roundabout

30. Transitional Line by Elke Fikenauer

Families an admire the twirly corten steel lines by artist Elke Fikenaur of New Zealand and German descent.  The corten steel lines make for a fun family photo background too!

Where can I see it? Croftfield Lane Stormwater Wetland in Wairau Valley on Auckland’s North Shore

31. Estuarine by Louise Purvis

Kids can spot the fun artwork on the retaining wall underneath Harrier Point Point. The winding red scoria filled tubular baskets represent Hobsonville’s sinuous waterways viewed from the air.

Where can I see it? On Launch Road in Hobsonville Point

Estuarine by Louise Purvis Auckland for Kids
Estuarine by Louise Purvis | Photo: Auckland for Kids

32. Water Feature by Ted Smyth

Fun modern stainless steel water feature in Lumsden Green in Newmarket by Ted Smyth.

Where can I see it? In Lumsden Green in Newmarket

34. Eyelight Lane by David Svensson

The red neon zig zag lights brighten up this lane at nightime. Note, we don’t recommend visiting the artwork to late in the evening with kids.

Where can I see it?  Fort Lane which connects Fort Street to Custom Street  in Auckland City Centre. 

Eyelight lane off fort Street, nz
Eyelight Lane in the evening in Auckland City Centre | Photo: Auckland for Kids

33. Flight Support for Albatross by Greet Twiss

Admire the stainless steel albatross birds flying high in the sky overlooking the Auckland Harbour. Get the kids to stand underneath the giant sculpture photo for a fun family photo.

Where can I see it? At the end of Victoria Wharf in Devon port on the North Shore. If you are arriving into Devonport by Ferry keep a look out as you can see the sculpture on your ferry ride some days.

Sculpture in Devonport
Auckland for Kids enjoying the Flight Support for Albatross sculpture at Victoria Wharf in Devonport, Auckland

35. Downtown Tiki by Dick Frizzell

We love Dick Frizzells’ Dowtown Tiki mural painted on the wall next to Baduzzi in Wynyard Quarter

Where can I see it?  North Wharf between Auckland Fish Market and Baduzzi in Auckland City Centre.

Eyelight lane off fort Street, nz
Downtown Tiki mural - Photo: Auckland for Kids

36. Mountain Fountain by Terry Stringer

The Mountain Fountain has had a few different locations in Auckland, but this one suits it perfectly.

Where can I see it? Outside the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell.

37. Transformer by John Edga7

Kids love to touch the smooth granite Transformer tower sculpture by New Zealand artist John Edgar in Auckland Domain.

Where can I see it?  In Auckland Domain (near the intersection of Domain Drive and Lower Domain Drive) in Parnell, Central Auckland

Transformer sculpture by John Edgar, Auckland Domain
Transformer sculpture by John Edgar, Auckland Domain | Photo by Auckland for Kids

38. Spring by Christine Hellyar

Kids love to play on sculptor Christine Hellyar’s sculpture made out of three large basalt rocks with tow bronze ferns in Auckland Domain. 

An interesting fact for your family to know is that the sculpture is sited here to commemorate the site of Auckland City’s first public water supply.

Where can I see it? Between the duck pond and the Wintergarden in Auckland Domain.

39. Cheese Table and Sofa by Karen Kennedy

Take the kids to play  and sit on the sofa and table covered in handmade tiles by Karen Kennedy in Onehunga’s main street, the Onehunga Mall.  

Where can I see it? Onehunga Mall, near the Church Street intersection in Onehunga.

40. Dale the Spider

The Avondale spider sculpture is an oldy but a goody and represents the giant huntsman spider in Avondale.  

Where can I see it? Great North Road in Avondale.