Theatre and Shows for Kids in Auckland

Theatre and shows for families

Our pick of the BEST upcoming live shows, theatre and concerts for kids and families in 2022 in Auckland, New Zealand.

We love taking our kids to family friendly shows in Auckland and watching their interest in the theatre, music and arts develop.  Watching theatre through the eyes of your children is fun when they are a toddler or preschooler.  Then you get to see your child’s interest in the arts develop as they start school and then become a teenager and they will soon tell you whether they prefer the theatre, live concerts, films, circus or comedy the best.   Auckland has lots of fabulous shows, theatre and live music for families to enjoy each year, and some of the shows and performances are FREE for families too!

June 2022 performances

July 2022 performances

August 2022 performances

October 2022 performances

December 2022 performances

2023 performances