Discover VR Voom’s FREE online VR development education platform

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Discover VR Voom’s FREE online VR development education platform

During the period of the lockdown, where kids are required to be learning from home if possible, Peter Dong the founder and CEO of VR Voom wanted to support the community in a way that they could,  by enabling kids aged 11+ to learn about computer programming and to develop Virtual Reality (VR). 

Auckland company VR Voom launched its new online learning portal in April, to give young New Zealand students options for learning programming with aims for readying them for the fast-expanding virtual reality technology world of the future.

Kids and teens are able to give Virtual Reality game design a go for FREE while they have to stay at home and can’t go to school due to COVID-19. This way they can see see if they like learning about the topic and discover if they have a creative outlet that they otherwise might not have been realised. 

VR Voom is the only company in New Zealand that offers this kind of education courses for young learners according to Peter. 

Prior to Covid-19, VR Voom ran similar courses face-to-face for kids to attend during school holidays, so they knew there were kids locally who were interested in the topics and really enjoyed learning and creating virtual reality games and content. 

Moving to the online option was always part of the plan for VR Voom this year, to enable kids further away from their location to also take part in the learning path. Covid-19 has meant they moved that plan up in their timeline. Their 12-month VR Game Design & Programming and 3D Modelling & Animation courses aim to align with the 2020 New Zealand National Digital Technology Curriculum.

What is the biggest difference kids find in doing the courses online compared to doing them in person at VR Voom?  According to Peter,  “online delivery is more accessible for young learners, they can be anywhere to learn from us, but you don’t get as much interaction with our teachers and classmates as you would by physically learning at VR Voom“.

VR Voom will keep the FREE classes offer in place until the government advises that children and teens should return to school in person on Monday 18 May 2020.

Parents of young learners aged 11 and up can check the details and sign their kids up to access the FREE virtual reality (VR) design & programming and 3D modelling & animation courses with a mix of learning options; scheduled virtual classes throughout the week, video tutorials, and other supporting materials at

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