Take the kids to Archie Brothers in Newmarket, you will enjoy it too!

Take the kids to Archie Brothers in Newmarket, you will enjoy it too!

Playing basketball game at Archie Brothers

Read about Auckland for Kids fun family visit to Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq in Newmarket. With entertainment for all ages, including adults we will definitely be going back again with our family.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq is as an entertainment destination for all the family in Westfield Newmarket. The Auckland for Kids family were fortunate to be invited to an afternoon where we were able to experience the activities on offer.

There is plenty of parking available in the shopping center (but remember that you need to download the Westfield Plus App to take advantage of the free parking options) or you can park in the streets nearby.

Entry to Archie Bros is FREE, however you need to purchase a card which is loaded with game credits if you would like to play on the games.  On the day we visited we were given an hour of free games to play. There are additional charges if you want to go bowling and of course you need to pay for any food and beverages you purchase.

Ring Toss and Fishing games at Archie Brothers

Archie Brothers has a range of activities to keep everyone entertained. We started playing arcade games. The range of games available meant that there was something appropriate for all ages to enjoy. The parents particularly enjoyed the old school style space invaders game with a giant screen, and the kids liked this game as well as the basketball and skill based games.  Our oldest daughter said: “One of my favourite games was Space Invaders which my Dad and I played together, sidenote he thrashed me. Another one of my favourites was the clown game which is the one where you have to knock the clowns down by throwing balls at them. Even though we did not earn any tickets it was still really fun!”


In addition to arcade games, there are a number of addictive claw machines and dodgems which the kids enjoyed. 

Some games have the opportunities to win tickets which can be accumulated to trade for a large number of fun toys and gifts at their shop. (Note some of their packages give you a specified time to play the games and you don’t win any tickets but just get to enjoy playing the games.)”

Space Invaders Frenzy game

Archie Brothers has an extensive range of food and drinks available. The pizzas, french fries and giant “Balancing Act” milkshakes kept the kids happy.

We also played a game of tenpin bowling, and our youngest made use of the ramp to assist her in hitting the pins

Dodgems at Archie Brothers
Pizzas and shakes at Archie Brothers

There were a couple of Archie Brothers team members on hand on the day we visited to teach the kids the basics of juggling balls, spinning plates and some other circus activities.  

What did the kids think of the circus activities at Archies?  Our tween said “I got to spin some plates with the help of one of the staff and I was doing pretty well until Mum gave me a third plate and then tried to spin it. They all ended up collapsing to the ground. I also got to try juggling. We started with 1 ball which was fairly simple. Then 2 balls which was a little harder since I kept throwing them too far forward. Lastly, I tried 3 balls, and let’s just say I have not come close to mastering it yet, but I had fun!

Auckland for Kids trying circus tricks at Archie Brothers
Learning circus skills and tricks at Archie Brothers

There are also a number of private party rooms available for children’s birthday parties next to the bowling lanes.

After 8 o’clock, the venue turns into an 18+ venue with a bar area where you can relax with a drink and food, whilst you enjoy the activities that are available. So if you are taking the kids you need to leave before 8pm.

We think that Archie Brothers is a place where the whole family are able to find something to do that they will enjoy. As this can be quite a challenge in our household (of 2 adults, a 13 year old and 10 year old)  to find somewhere to go that we will all have fun, Archies is an entertainment venue we will definitely be going back to.

Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq Information

Address: 309 Broadway, Westfield, Newmarket, Central Auckland, New Zealand
Where is Archies in Westfield Newmarket?  Archie Brothers is located on the 3rd floor corridor, opposite to ANZ, at the car park end (next to the centre bathrooms). When entering from Broadway, take the express elevator across from Bed Bath and Table on Level 1 up to Level 3)
Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm, Friday: 10am – Midnight, Saturday: 10am – Midnight, Sunday: 10am – 10pm (Hours are correct at time of publishing, but please check for the most current operation hours before you go in case they change.)