Tips for visiting Rainbow’s End theme park with kids

Tips for visiting Rainbow's End theme park with Kids

Drivers Town at Rainbow's End

Rainbow’s End is a theme park with thrill rides, family rides and Kidz Kingdom an area of the park for children under 8 years old.  There are shows to enjoy on weekends and school and public holidays too.   If you are visiting Auckland with kids, we think a visit to Rainbow’s End is a must as it is our favourite Auckland theme park.

Rainbow’s End is best to visit on a fine day, however as parts of the park are undercover it is still okay on a  showery day.   We find the wait times are generally not too long, although sometimes on weekends they will take longer than in the weekdays.

Our Favourite Rides

Rainbow’s End theme park has lots or rides to keep the whole family entertained for a full day.  If you don’t have a full day to spend it is still worth visiting for half a day too. My children are 7 and 10 years old and their favourite rides are:


This ride has 2 options a “Very Extreme” and a “Less Extreme” option. Our family is only brave enough to go on the “Less Extreme” ride which only swings up to 45 degrees. Maybe they will master the very extreme 360 degree ride when they are older, as an adult I am still too scared to go on this one.



Log Flume

The Log  Flume is a classic ride that the kids have liked from a young age and is one that we all enjoy going on as a family.  Generally you don’t get wet on the log flume, although occasionally you do so we save this ride until the end of the day in Winter.

Corkscrew Coaster

This is a ride that our whole family enjoys. The rainbow rollercoaster with its drop, loop and double corkscrew is fun.


The Invader is one my daughter’s favourite rides as it feels like a cross between the Stratosphere and a roller coaster mixed into one ride.



AA Drivers Town

The kids enjoy AA Driver’s Town as they get to drive their own vehicles on the road. This ride is for children 12 years and under. Parent’s are allowed to sit on the back of the car for younger children driving who are 80 to 110cms.



Gold Rush

The gold rush is an old fashioned but fun rollercoast for the whole family that goes through a gold mine, dodging falling beams and cave ins.



The fearfall is 18 stories high so you get a good view from the top.  Then it’s a quick ride down.


Motion Master

This ride was moved onto the favourite list on our last visit with the new Happy Family The Ride in 4D with the Wishbone family.


Kidz Kingdom

Kidz Kingdom is an undercover area for children 8 years and under and their siblings and accompanying adults. My children are now too tall to go on the Car Wash Convoy and  Space Shuttles rides, but they still enjoy a ride on the Magic Bikes, Jumpin Star, Surf N Swing, Carousel and Choco Express.


The Dodgems are lots of fun for everyone. Once the kids are over 130cm tall, they can drive ther own dodgems. If you have little ones, car seats are provided for the dodgems so they can enjoy them too.

Our tips

We usually spend the full day at Rainbow’s End and leave at closing time. You are best to get there when the park opens so you can enjoy the whole day and go on rides more than once.

Bring your sunscreen and another layer if it is a cool day to keep warm.

Strollers are allowed in the park and they have stroller rentals available too.

The Centre Stage has various shows throughout the day, and its a good spot to eat your lunch while you are entertained. My children have always loved the Crayola Party Time Show where the kids get to go on the stage for a dance competition and join in a lolly scramble.

You may get wet on the Log Flume or the Bumper Boats, so if it is winter it is a good idea to have a spare change of clothes in your car, just in case or leave these rides until the end of your visit.

Pregnant women are not allowed on the rides for safety reasons. So if you need an adult to accompany your child on some of the rides, make sure you have another adult with you on the day.

Rainbow’s End Tickets

Rainbow’s End has an all attractions Superpass ticket which includes entry and all day unlimited rides. Superpasses are $49 for children and $59 for adults.  The pass for younger children aged 2 to 5 years old which entitles them to ride on the Kidz Kingdom rides is $32. Children under 2 years old are free when accompanied by a paying adult. You can buy your tickets online or at the gate on the day.


Rainbow’s End Map

We find Rainbow’s End easy to find our way around when we visit.  If you like to look at a map to plan your visit before you go, here is one below:

Opening hours

Rainbow’s end is open everyday, except for Christmas Day. It is open on Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 4pm and on Saturday, Sunday, school holidays and public holidays from 10am to 5pm. The theme park is open for special events in the evening as well.

Getting to Rainbow’s End

Rainbow’s End is located at 2 Clist Crescent in Manukau which is 17km south of Auckland city centre and takes approximately 20 minutes by car. Alternatively you can catch the train from Britomart Station in the city centre to Manukau Station which takes about 50 minutes.

For more information about Rainbow’s End see: