25 Family friendly eateries at Commercial Bay

25 Family friendly eateries at Commercial Bay

The long awaited Commercial Bay opens on 11 June with over 25 family friendly places to take the kids out to eat in the heart of Auckland city.  Many of the eateries are located in Habour Eats which is a food court concept in Commercial Bay, which means you can each choose your favourite dish to enjoy and don’t need to get everyone in your family to agree.

Here is our pick of the best places to take your family out to eat at Commercial Bay:

1. Burger Burger

Burger Burger serve honest burgers and fries using quality local ingredients and old fashioned shakes. There is a kids menu too, which comes with a burger of their choice with a mini side and soda or shake. 

Burger Burger is located in the Harbour Eats food hall area of Commercial Bay.

2. Best Ugly Bagels

We have long been a fan of Best Ugly Bagel‘s hand rolled, boiled and fired bagels and are pleased there will now be one more place in Auckland where we can find them.  Our personal favourite is their T.A.B. -tomato, avacado and basil bagel and when this is out of season their White Rabbit bagel. There are gluten free bagels available too.

3. Wise Boys Burgers

Enjoy eco friendly plant based vegan burgers at Wise Boys Burgers. Sustainability is at the heart of Wise Boys from the homemade burger patties, to their zero waste fully-compostable packaging and locally sourced ingredients for their aiolo and mayo.  

Wise Boys Burgers is located in the Harbour Eats food hall area of Commercial Bay.

4. Good Dog Bad Dog

From the team behind The Candy Shop and Simon and LeeGood Dog Bad Dog is a fun, fast paced American inspired hotdog shop in Commerical Bay. Favourite new hot dogs, classic dogs and a vegetarian good dog feature on the menu. Along with sides of coleslaw, fries, pickles, tots, mac n’ cheese and oreos.

Good Dog Bad Dog is located in the Harbour Eats food hall area of Commercial Bay.

5. Bird on a Wire

Bird on a Wire specialises in all things Chicken! Choose from free range, twice brined rotisserie chicken and salads to burgers, sandwiches and baguettes. They don’t forget about the vegetarians either, as you can swap out the chicken with tofu or egg  for most items on the menu and they have great salads without meat too.

Bird on a Wire has a special menu just for the kids that is available at Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

6. Juke Joint BBQ

Juke Joint brings authentic southern BBQ cuisine and Brothers Beer to Commercial Bay. The smoked meats and vegetables are either served naked, on a fresh salad, or in a sourdough bun with coleslaw and a selection of house-made sauces. Kids meals are either a Chicken Tender, Fish Bites or Vege Dumpling meal that each come with a choice of Tater Tots or Mac ‘n’ Cheese. They have kids colouring activity packs for sale too.

Juke Joint is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

7. Fatima's

We are happy that Fatima’s will now be in the city, as they are one of our favourite longstanding takeaways with their authentic Middle Eastern pitas, chawarmas and salads. They offer gluten free, vegan, halal and vegetarian options.

You can find Fatima’s on Level 2 of Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

8. Hawker & Roll

Inspired by traditional Malaysian hawker food Hawker & Roll serves good food featuring locally sourced ingredients. Choose from hawker rolls in a flakey roti canai, nasi lemak, laskas, dumplings, wontons, spring rolls and more. They had kids sized hawker rolls and kids beef, pork or chicken bowls with rice available too. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free options are available so no one is left out. 

Hawker and Roll is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

9. Daruma Ramen

Enjoy slurping Daruma Ramen‘s signature tonkatsu chashu ramen, beef sukiyaki ramen or drauma vegetarian ramen noodles. 

Daruma Ramen is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

10. Kai Eatery

Kai Eatery originally started in Auckland  as a Taiwanese night market stall. Kai Eatery has become known for their Taiwanese Fried Chicken which is marinated on the inside, generously coated on the outside and fried to perfection each time.

Kai Eatery is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

11. Sam Choy's Poke

Try one of the Hawaiian poke bowls at award winning chef, author, and proclaimed, “God Father of Poke” Chef Sam Choy’s Poke. There are more than poke bowls on the menu too, you can choose Spam Musubi, Loco Moco, the famous Garlic Chicken and more casual Hawaiian cuisine.

Sam Choy’s Poke is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

12. Sunny Town

If you have a craving for Chinese food then Sunny Town is the place to try. Choose from delicious buns, dumplings, wontons, noodles and more. 

Sunny Eats is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

13. Nam Nam

Nam Nam serves authentic Vietnamese street food for lunch and dinner. Choose from ‘Banh mi’ baguettes, rice paper rolls, bao buns, spring rolls or a bowl of Pho. 

Nam Nam is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

14. Calipress

Get warm bowls, salad bowls, smoothies and toast toppers at Calipress at Commercial Bay.

15. Paella Pod

Try a traditional Spanish paella at Paella Pod

Paella Pod is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

16. Poni Room

Enjoy smaller bites and bigger plates to share at the Asian-inspired seafood centric Poni Room eat-and-drink-ery. The food is overseen by Michelin-starred chef Brad Farmerie.

17. Aroy Thai

Families will enjoy the fire wok-tossed favourites like phad thai, basil chicken and tom yum soup at Aroy Thai. Meals are served in 100% compostable; eco-friendly packaging as part of a commitment to reduce plastic waste.

Aroy Thai is located in the Harbour Eats food hall area of Commercial Bay.

18. Foodu

Enjoy the fried (or steamed) dumplings made fresh daily with local meats and produce at Foodu. They have dim sums and wontons too.

Foodu is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.


Pasta lovers will enjoy NEEDO where they knead and dough fresh pasta from scratch which is then cooked on demand for your to enjoy.

NEEDO is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.

20. Bowl & Arrow

Grab a healthy smoothie bowl with veggies, fruit, superfoods and coconut topped with granola, fruit, coconut chips and freeze dried raspberries from Bowl & Arrow. There also have smoothies, juices and coffees too.

21. Tank Juice Bar

Tank is always a good to go to spot for something to eat or drink with the kids where they can choose a juice, smoothie or wrap.  You can get mini sized juices and smoothies which are perfect sizes for the kids. However the wraps only come in adult sized portions, but if you ask them to be cut in half, they are the perfect size for two kids to share.

Tank is located at Harbour Eats at Commercial Bay.


22. Ben & Jerry's icecream

Ben & Jerry‘s is an iconic ice cream shop with lots of ice cream flavours to choose from. They don’t do kids size ice creams, so we suggested you persuade your kids to share an ice cream.

Ben and Jerry’s is located in the Harbour Eats food hall area of Commercial Bay.

23. Bluebells Cakery

You can’t go past one of the iced cupcakes at Bluebells if you have a sweet tooth. They have mini sized cupcakes that are perfect for the kids too.

24. Tart Bakery

Tart Bakery is a small family owned business that makes yummy vegan food. You can choose from their savoury vegan sandwhiches and pies or their sweet vegan cakes, pastries and donuts.

Tart Bakery is located in the Harbour Eats food hall area of Commercial Bay.

25. Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake

Try the super soft and fluffy Japanese style cheesecakes at Uncle Tetsu’s Cheescake.

Commercial Bay is located at 7 Queen Street, Auckland. Find out more about the eateries at Commercial Bay here: www.commercialbay.co.nzYou can easily be accessed via trains, buses, ferries, bike paths or private vehicles. The Downtown carpark provides undercover access to Commercial Bay.

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