Golf lessons

Golf lessons

Find local golf classes, coaching and lessons for children and teenagers in Auckland, New Zealand.

Why should your children learn how to play golf? Golf is a fun outdoor game for children and teenagers to learn which they play together with family or friends. As golf is an active non-contact sport it will improve your child’s fitness and muscle strength. Golf will also challenge your children to learn how to self improve, not only their game but themselves.  They will learn sportsmanship, concentration and discipline as well as how to play golf.

Kerryn Jamieson Golf Ltd

Two Auckland locations:
Pakuranga Golf Club, 199 Botany Road, Golflands, Auckland and
Windross Farm Golf Club, 237 Alfriston-Ardmore Road, Ardmore, Papakura.

Junior Get into Golf Programme
Kerryn Jamieson Golf Ltd Junior coaching program is for children and teenagers who want to learn golf in a fun team environment. Their coaching is positive, full of interaction and personalised with small group sizes of players with the same skill level and age. Kids will learn putting and chipping, pitching and bunker play, full swing fundamentals, golf etiquette and rules and course management. Junior tournaments are run monthly for all children who are part of the Junior coaching program. This introduces your kids to golf tournaments and lets them test their skill development.

Pathway to Champions & Elite American College Golf Pathways
Kerryn Jamieson Golf Ltd believes that to play to your potential you must look at the entire game of golf. Golf instruction is often just the golf swing but the game measured on score not the look of your swing. Their focus is on 4 key areas to build a golf game that can be self-sufficient for players and show long term improvement. They support golfers who have the ability to go to the next level and have previous experience and contacts with Universities in America and Junior Tournaments. 

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