Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for kids

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for kids

Enjoy Halloween with these simple costumes for kids and adults that you can quickly make at home.

Halloween lets kids dress up in spooky costumes for one night each year on the 31st October.  Kids love picking out and creating their own Halloween costume (even if you have to help them a bit to make it).  Rather than going out and buying a costume, have a look through these easy Halloween costumes to make and create from supplies you largely have at home. You are bound to find a Halloween costume idea that your kids like, whether it is a cute cat or scary ghost. 

Cardboard Frankenstein Head

Make a Cardboard Frankenstein costume head piece out of an old cardboard box. Once you have found the right size box, then you just need to cut one end off it so you can wear it on your head, then cut two eye holes.  Then get a black marker to draw on the hair, mouth and eyebrows. If you are making a whole family of Cardboard Frankensteins, then make each face expression a little bit different too.

Scary Mummy

Kids love a Mummy costume and it’s really easy to make. It’s best to wear either white or beige clothing underneath this costumer if you can. Then use either crepe paper, toilet paper or old bandages to wrap them up as a Mummy.  If you pin the crepe paper/bandages to the top of their pants it will stay in place better too! To make it even scarier you can add on some black and white facepaint on the part of their face that is not covered up.

Sweet Tooth Halloween Costume

Deer costume

Dress up like Gus from the show Sweet Tooth. Find an old light colour jacket and an old headband at home. Then you will need to buy some felt to cutup and cover the headband with to make into some horns to add to the headband. (Or if you want you can cheat and maybe collect a headband at your local $2 shop.)

Family Vampire Costumes

Make your DIY Count Dracula Costume for your family.  Wear an old white shirt, then make a black cape out of an old skirt. Or if you don’t have an old black skirt then you could always buy some black fabric or cheat and buy a pre-made cape from the store. Finally draw on vampire makeup with facepaint and don’t forget to draw on some fangs. 

Ghost Halloween Costume

This is one of the easiest costumes, find an old white single sheet to begin with. (If you are making a ghost costume for a teen or adult then a queen or king size will work better.) Check to see you are happy with the length and then cut off the extra fabric at the bottom. Once you have done this cut out the eyes. 

And if you want to make the ghost cool, then add on some sun glasses too!

Wizard Costume

Use some back cardboard to make the wizard hat. Roll the cardboard into a cone and staple it at the base. Check that it fits okay and then then tape the hat along the inside seams. Finally cut out some white paper stars to decorate your hat. Then you can add on a cape if you want too!


Easy DIY Bat Costumes

Make a DIY bat costume in minutes. Find either a plain black dress or black pants and top that the kids have. Then cut some bat wings out of black cardboard. Next make the bat ears by cutting out 4 identical triangles and hot glue gunning them onto a black headband. Then if you want you can make a tail to add on too.

Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume

This Halloween costume requires black clothes to were as underlayers. Then you can add on some glow in the dark tape or white tape onto the top of the black clothes once your child is wearing the black cothes. Just cut the tape and position it as a skeleton. Don’t do this before you  put the clothes on, or else the tape will come off if their clothes are stretchy.

Clown Costume

This is another easy costume. Put on some old bright clothes and then get some white, red and blue facepaint to pain on a spooky clown face and top it off with some coloured hair spray.

Clown makeup for Halloween

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