8 easy alternatives to plastic bags

8 easy alternatives to plastic bags

We have been in the habit of using plastic bags for food shopping, lining our rubbish bins and more. Here are 8 easy alternatives to make it easy to say no to plastic bags.

1. Reusable shopping Bags

Invest in some reusable bags to keep in your car, so you have them on hand for your supermarket shop.

2. Paper bags

Instead of using the plastic bags for your fruit and veg at the supermarket, use a paper bag (which you can find by the mushrooms) to put your fruit in.  Or invest in some reuseable fresh produce bags.



​3. Take your own containers from home

Take your own containers for the deli and butcher items.

​4. Cardboard boxes

PAK’nSAVE and some other stores have cardboard boxes after the checkout to pack your groceries in. Then you can flatten the boxes and put them in the recycling, or reuse them for your next supermarket shop.

​5. Backpack

For small shops you can just put your shopping straight into your backpack.



​6. Foldable tote

Have a foldable tote to keep in your handbag as you may end up shopping when you don’t expect it.

7. Just carry it without a bag

If you are just buying one of two things, you can carry these in your hands and don’t need a bag at all. Just say no when you are offered a plastic bag.

8. Your car boot

If you have forgotten your bags on your grocery shop, you can ask the check out operator for no bags and load them straight from your trolley into your boot.

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