Guy Fawkes Fireworks

Guy Fawkes Fireworks

When is Guy Fawkes Day in New Zealand?

Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated on the 5th of November each year in New Zealand.  

This year Guy Fawkes on Friday 5th November 2021

There are no planned public fireworks events in Auckland this year to celebrate fireworks as Auckland is still at Alert Level 3. 

Why is Guy Fawkes Day celebrated in New Zealand?

Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated on 5 November each year in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and in a number of other countries that were formerly a part of the British Empire, with fireworks and bonfires.  

Guy Fawkes Day commemorates the failure of the plot by Guy Fawkes and 11 other men to blow up the British Parliament – the “Gunpowder Plot” back in 1605. The men were caught before they could light the barrels of gunpowder. Every year since on 5 November there has been a celebration with fireworks, gunpowder and bonfires, along with a reading in the British Parliament. 

Guy Fawkes Day is also commonly known as Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night and Fireworks Night.

In New Zealand Guy Fawkes are an occasion to have fun with friends and family to enjoy fireworks. Guy Fawkes Day is not a public holiday in New Zealand.

When can you buy fireworks in New Zealand?

Fireworks are only on sale for four days each year leading to Guy Fawkes in New Zealand. This year you can buy fireworks from  2nd November to 5th November 2021.

You must be over 18 years old and have valid ID with you to buy fireworks.

Where can you buy fireworks in Auckland?

Fireworks are sold in Auckland by specialist firework providers. This includes Pyro Company Fireworks and Bad Boys Fireworks who set up temporary outdoor stores each year for the four days they can sell fireworks. 

Note, The Warehouse made the decision to stop selling fireworks  so you can no longer buy fireworks from their stores.

When can you light your fireworks?

There are no rules about what days in the years you can set fireworks off, however Auckland Council has prescribed times that you can light them.

In Auckland you are allowed to light fireworks from 5pm to 10:30pm any day of the year on your private property. On New Year’s Eve you are allowed to light them from 5pm to 1am.

Where can you light your fireworks?

It is best to light fireworks on your own property, far away from anything that could catch fire. 

You should also show respect to your neighbours, especially those with young children or pets. 

There are some rules about where you can watch your fireworks, and these are set by the local councils in New Zealand. In Auckland the council has specified that you cannot light fireworks on council-controlled land such as beaches, park and reserves. You are also not allowed to light fireworks in forests, conservation areas, road surfaces, berms or footpaths on your street.

What safety measures should you have in place when lighting fireworks on your private property?

1. Make sure your children are supervised at all times, and not left unattended with the fireworks.

2. Have a hose and bucket of water ready to use. 

3. Use a torch to read each of the fireworks instructions before you light them.

4. Make sure that the  fireworks are not pointed at any person, animal, property or vegetation when you light them. Keep your pets inside.

5. Do not use fireworks in windy or dry conditions.

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Can you light bonfires on your private property?

Bonfires are large open-air fires which historically were used to celebrate Guy Fawkes.  You are not allowed to light a bonfire on residential private land in Auckland at any time.

In rural areas bonfires are allowed between 2 to 5  November each year on your private property, but must be lit during daylight hours and extinguished before nightfall. The bonfire must comply with general fire safety guidelines.  If it is during the Restricted Fire Season you will also need to get a fire permit from Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

What other celebrations in New Zealand feature public firework displays?

In New Zealand there are often public fireworks celebrations on New Years Eve and in Auckland on Auckland Anniversary Day for families to enjoy. The Diwali festival normally observed between mid-October and November also features fireworks as part of the annual celebration. And the beloved Auckland Lantern Festival usually finishes with fireworks on the last evening of the event each year.

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