Hands-on science for kids at home with Nanogirl’s LAB

Nanogirl -superpower flight

Hands-on science for kids at home with Nanogirl’s LAB

Are you and the kids getting bored being stuck at home?  Nanogirl has come up with a way for parents to keep their kids entertained whilst learning about science in these fun new Nanogirl’s Lab hands-on daily online video adventures.  The daily online lessons are aimed at kids who are aged 7 to 11 years old, but we think younger kids can enjoy them too, although they will need more parental assistance.

Missing even a week of school, let alone a month or more, can have a profound impact on your child’s long-term relationship with STEM.  

Auckland for Kids was lucky enough to try out Nanogirl’s Lab science adventures a home with our own children, and they have loved it! 

The simple to make but fast Catapult Plane, just remember not to aim at your siblings eyes when launching it!

We were a bit worried we might not have all the equipment we needed at home during lockdown, but so far we have easily found everything to do the experiments from around the house. We were pleased that while the the kids were having fun making each item they were also learning. Plus we didn’t need to help the kids very much which meant we could do our own work at home, whilst they were making their planes and other objects. 

The kids enjoyed the Superpower-Flight lesson series especially making the Catapult Plane and the Rocket Straws adventures and racing them against each other.  Plus they got to learn about flight and the forces involved in flight: thrust, drag, gravity and lift.

The finished rocket straw, about to be tested.
Rocket battles
The parent and child battle of the rocket straws

It was funny but one afternoon my 11 year old daughter made the Super Harmonica in the Sound Superpower series of videos,  later that day she had some homework from school on exactly that same subject: sound and vibrations. The school science text book wasn’t nearly as fun a way to learn as Nanogirl’s video which explained the principal of vibrations within the fun video lesson without her even realising it at the time.

What is included with each online lesson?

If you are like us, then when you buy something online for the kids you want to know exactly what you are getting first.

You will get access to the library of lessons already released, and the new ones that will be added each weekday for 10 weeks in total. The screenshot below summarises some of the online Superpower video lesson you will be able to access if you subscribe. 

1. Online video lessons

Nanogirl Video Lessons

When you or your child clicks on the lesson that you want to complete then you get taken to a page which has the online video, and a Resources tab where you can find the Lab Notes and Parent Notes for each video lesson.

Catapult Plane video screenshot

2. Parent Notes

Each online video lesson comes with online Parent Notes to help you support and encourage your child’s learning. Below are the parent notes for the Flight- Catapult Plane lesson.

Nanogirl Lab's Parent's notes catapult flights

3. LAB notes for the kids

Each online video lesson comes with accompanying LAB notes which you can print for the kids. They explain what equipment is needed, summarise the instructions and highlight the key learning points for the kids.

Super Power lab notes

Nanogirl’s LAB is ten weeks of weekday lessons for $1 a day, which we think is value for money given it is not just an online lesson but also comes with worksheets for the kids and parent notes too.  

We love that when you purchase an online lesson package from Nanogirl’s Lab, they also donate a subscription to a family who could not otherwise afford to take part.

Who is Nanogirl?

Our kids love Nanogirl, so I forget that some of you may not had the opportunity to meet her yet.  Nanogirl is a character created by Dr Michelle Dickinson a nanotechnologist, engineer and superhero with a difference.  Nanogirl’s powers don’t come from magic, or spider bites or alien suns! Her superpowers come from the study of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Who is Nanogirl Labs?

Nanogirl Labs was founded in 2016 by Joe Davis and Dr Michelle Dickinson, as a social enterprise.  New Zealand is the home of the Nanogirl Labs team who work around the world designing and creating transformational STEM learning experiences. Nanogirl Labs also produces explosive live science theatre, community experiences, writes books (such as the Kitchen Science Cookbook) and designs learning programmes that enables everyone, everywhere to dream bigger and achieve more.

How can I subscribe to receive Nanogirl's LAB 10 week adventure package?

Subscribe online here to access Nanogirl’s Lab new fun-filled science adventure every weekday for just $1 per day. 

Nanogirl’s Lab 10 week adventures package comes with:

  • 50 fun-filled science adventure instructional online videos. A new one is sent to you each weekday, and it dosen’t matter if you subscribe up to this later as you will still receive access to the earlier videos for the prior weeks.

  • 50 printable worksheets for your children.

  • 50 cheat sheets for the parents to help us engage with the kids as they learn. (Thanks Nanogirl for making it easy for the parents too).

  • Access to the private Facebook community page connecting you with other parents of science superheroes-in-training around the world.

  • Buy One Give One: each subscription purchased means another is gifted to a family who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford access.

Find out more here: nanogirllabs.com

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