Q&A with Hi 5’s new star Lachie Dearing

Q&A with Hi 5’s new star Lachie Dearing

We love Hi-5, but for the NZ kids who haven’t seen your TV show before how would describe Hi-5 to them?

The New Zealand kids will love our TV show!  There is something for everyone! Some kids love dancing, others like puzzles and games, some like music but whatever it is that you like – our show has it! It’s so much fun! Can’t wait for you to see it! It’s on 3now and Netflix!

Tell us what to expect at the Hi-5 House Hits show in Auckland?

Our Hi-5 House Hits show is going to be so much fun!!  We can’t wait to share lots of music and dancing with you as well as lots of stories and games! It’s the show where YOU, the fans become the star of the show! You’ll be choosing the songs that we sing!


What’s the funniest thing that’s happened during a live show?

The funniest thing that has happened during a recent show in Sydney is Mary walking on stage with her microphone upside down. Haha. She kept talking into it and no one could hear her! It was very funny when she realized it was upside down.

Do you all get along when you go on tour – or do you argue like siblings do?

I honestly love my Hi-5 family! They are the best!  We all get along so well. I don’t argue with my sister either! I’m never unhappy with anyone 🙂

What do you pack in your suitcases to stop you getting homesick on tour?

We spend a lot of time away from home so I always take my iPad so that I can FaceTime my family and see everyone every day! That way I never get homesick.

What’s the most fun – filming, recording an album, rehearsing or touring?

Even though I love filming and recording, my absolute favourite thing is touring because I love live shows. There is nothing better than seeing that you are making people smile and having fun!  I love being able to make people happy by doing what I love – singing and dancing! 

If you get some free time on your NZ tour, is there anything special you hope to do or see?

If I have the opportunity I would love to go hiking and check out the beautiful nature and landscapes. New Zealand is the most beautiful place in the world!!

Have you always liked singing or dancing the most?

Dancing is what I have done since before I can remember so I am better at it than anything, but I really love singing too! How lucky I am to be able to do both in Hi-5!?

Did you used to watch Hi-5 when you were a child too?

I sure did!! I was the biggest fan of Nathan. I even have a photo of him and me when he was judging me in a talent quest!   

What advice do you have for kids who want to grow up to be entertainers like you?

My advice is to always follow your dreams and work super hard! Dreams can come true! I am proof of that! I am living my dream every day 🙂

Hi-5 will be touring New Zealand with their House Hits tour this October coming to Auckland Saturday 1 October, for full tour details see www.livenation.co.nz

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