The BEST free exercise workouts for kids on YouTube

Family yoga at home

The BEST free exercise workouts for kids on YouTube

Even before New Zealand had lockdowns there were online workout videos for families, but now there is even more family exercise videos to choose from. 

Excercise is a great mood booster for your kids (as well as  yourself) and it’s a good break from working at home or school work at home in the middle of the day. 


Kids will have fun having a go at the BORN TO MOVE free YouTube videos by New Zealand owned finess club Les Mills. Parents will have fun joining in with the kids too!

Did you know your kids have a superpower? It’s the power to move and they can use it to change their world! The more they move, the more energy they get. And the more energy they get, the more cool stuff they can do. Your kids will feel awesome when they are active.  

Visit: LesMills | Born to Movie  channel on YouTube.

Go Noodle | Get Moving

GoNoodle videos get your kids moving to be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, bestest selves. GoNoodle is popular with kids and gets over 14 million kids each month to move through dancing, stretching, running, jumping, deep breathing, and wiggling. The whole family can exercise together too, not just the kids.

Visit: GoNoodle  channel on YouTube.

P.E. with Joe

Join Joe who is a PE Teacher in the UK for daily 30 minute PE  sessions for school aged kids. The live time is too late at night for New Zealand kids to join in, but you can watch it the next day.  

Visit: The BodyCoachTV channel on YouTube.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Comic Kids is fun for kids aged 3 years plus to enjoy yoga, mindfulness and relaxation. They use stories that kids love in colourful worlds and cool characters that kids connect with. There are lots of videos to choose from and more are added every week. There is even Harry Potter Yoga, Trolls Yoga, 

Visit: Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube.

Kidz Bop Dance Along Videos

For the kids in your house who like to dance this YouTube channel is sure to be a hit. Kidz Bop have a daily dance break video for kids to keep active through dance.

Visit: Kidz Bop channel on YouTube.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga classes designed for kids aged 8 years and under to get calm and workout doing yoga. There are lots of different teachers leading classes on Alo Give’s channel, so you will be sure to find one that your kids like.

Visit: Alo Gives | Yoga For Kids  channel on YouTube.

Get Kids Moving

Put the fun back into fitness to get your kids moving. Kids can  train along side their favourite superheroes, train like a Jedi, or practice your wizarding skills, from the comfort of your home.

Visit: Get Kids Moving channel on YouTube.

Cardio for Kids

Keep your kids fit at home with these 15 minute full body cardio workout, plus they can enjoy that the coach in these videos are a kid too!

Zumba Kids

Join in Dovydas Veiverys from Lithuania’s  fun Zumba for kids videos.

Visit: Zumba with Dovydas zumba kids channel on YouTube.

MVMT with Calin - High Instensity Interval Training and Tabata for Families

High energy kids home workout that will also get hearts pumping and blood flowing! This a fun family workout that you all can do together, or just for the kids to do solo. The classes are perfect for beginners and families looking to get together and move their bodies while raising their heart rate. In 15 minutes, you and your children can have fun while getting a complete body workout.

Bounce Patrol

Fun catchy songs to get your preschoolers, toddlers and young kids moving created from various Australian Channels. The channel is more of a kids song channel but there is plenty of songs that have lots of movements to join in. Be warned don’t put this on expecting the older siblings to join in as they won’t be impressed.

Visit: Bounce Patrol kids songs channel on YouTube.

Pop Sugar Family Fun Cardio Workout!

Fun family workouts with Anna Renderer who is the Class Fit Sugar host to do in your living room.  The activities get your families heart rate up in with cardio moves that feel like games.

Debbie Doo: Dance & Movement Songs for Kids

Join Debbie Doo’s fun and super simple dance songs for the younger kids and toddlers. The catchy fun videos get the kids ( and parents) dancing along and having fun! 

PE Bowman

PE Workouts from PE Bowman for kids who like gaming as they get to exercise as if they are in their own video game.

Jungle Exercise for Kids

Fun PE lessons at home that don’t need any equipment with Miss Linky for preschoolers and young primary school children. As well as getting the kids moving these lessons are educational. Kids can learn the alphabet, colours, numbers, shapes, animals and more.

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