Add some Sparkle into the school holidays with Sparkle Girlz Dolls from Zuru!

Add some Sparkle into the school holidays with Sparkle Girlz Dolls from Zuru!

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If you are looking for a special toy this school holidays look no further than Sparkle Girlz! Brought to you by Zuru Toys, the company behind Bunch O Balloons, Pets Alive and Rainbocorns. This doll range promotes children’s imagination and creativity and will be a perfect companion this school holidays! Not only that it is very budget friendly for the parents and a sustainable option.

You can check out Zuru’s website which showcases some of the range and highlights the whimsical nature of the brand.

These awesome dolls retail for as little as $9 while delivering gorgeous removable outfits and shoes, long soft rooted hair, 5 different points of movement to pose the doll in different ways and some adorable themes such as fairy, unicorns, princesses and more for endless play and fun. The dolls can be found at your nearest Warehouse or Toyworld.

The Sparkle Girlz range also offers multiple sizes of dolls and accessories, including castles, unicorns and even a radio control car! All of these can be purchased separately at your local retailer.

The packaging of the dolls contains very little plastic and the cones are made primarily out of cardboard, making it extremely simple to recycle and not contributing more plastic to landfill. The Warehouse alone has already saved an amazing 15,000 kgs of plastic (which is an equivalent of half a humpback whale!) since 2019 by selling Sparkle Girlz over other brands, which incorporate a lot more plastic into their packaging.

Sparkle Girlz is a great holiday treat or a perfect party favour for a sleepover which will not break the bank! Some parents have got creative with their kids, baking some Sparkle-themed cakes and cupcakes and even throwing a Sparkle Girlz – themed birthday party by adding in some purple cutlery and accessories, as well as some wings with the final touch of a magic wand to make the kids embrace the magic and the real-life fairy tale!

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