Guide to Roblox Horse Valley Game for Parents & Kids

Guide to Roblox Horse Valley Game for Parents & Kids

Horse Valley Roblox

Horse Valley is a fun game in Roblox where you get to train your horse, race with them, dress them up and more! In this game kids get to learn how to work hard by training their horse frequently, as well as responsibility to make sure their horse isn’t hungry, thirsty, smelly or tired. The game is not just about horses, you can also craft furniture by obtaining materials in order to design your home. If you think this type of game is for you or your children then continue reading to find out more about Horse Valley.

How does Horse Valley Start?

When you start playing Horse Valley you get a horse (Morgan) to train and look after. You also get a small home and four lots of soil to plant seeds in the garden. If you work hard when training your horse you might notice a change in your horse’s speed and their quality of turning (they will be able to turn quicker). But you must remember to take care of your horse or they can get sick, which means you can’t ride them until you visit the doctor and get your horse healed.

What skills does your horse need to master to Level Up in Horse Valley?

In Horse Valley there are four different skills that you can improve with your horse: speed; agility; discipline and strength. In order to level up your horse you must collect the yellow or blue stars in the arenas. 

When training in agility, you and your horse weave through the poles. If you don’t know where you need to go, then just look for the stars and follow them. 

When training for speed, you and your horse do barrel races. When you level up from barrel races your horse speed will become faster. 

When training for discipline, you need to go to the circle shaped arena located behind the arena with the barrel racing, and collect each star. 

Lastly, for strength training you need to go to the arena with jumps and try collecting the stars to level up.  Most players find strength training the hardest to improve as the jumps can be difficult.

Horse Valley agility arena
The agility course in Horse Valley on Roblox

How do you race?

Once you have levelled up speed a certain amount of times you can start racing with friends to earn coins or just have fun. In order to win you have to follow the race track and go through each set of flags. If you do a have a race remember to have loads of fun whether it’s competitive or just friendly.

Horse Race in Roblox Horse Valley Game
Going through a flag in the race in Horse Valley.

What can you buy in Horse Valley?

Around the Horse Valley map there are some shops where you can buy seeds, books, sugar cubes, bigger inventory and on seasonal events fireworks! You can also sell items to Benedict for coins. 

Ice Cream Shop in Horse Valley Roblox Game
The ice cream shop in Horse Valley

How can you earn coins to buy items in Horse Valley?

You may wonder what you can do with coins as well as how to earn them, you can earn coins by daily logins, races, quests and farming. You can spend coins on furniture, better houses or horses, crates(a random accessory for your horse) you can also spend them in shops. No matter how you spend your coins, remember the hard work you did to earn them.

Is it worth playing Horse Valley?

Horse Valley is free to play if you have Roblox. 

Horse Valley is a great game for all kids aged 8 years plus, tweens and for teens especially if they like horses. We think it’s definitely worth a try!

Garden in Horse Valley on Roblox
Gardening potatoes in Horse Valley

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