Toy library STEM toys make learning fun!

Toy library STEM toys make learning fun!

Kinderbot toy library

As a parent with a background in Science, I naturally encourage my kids to explore various scientific concepts and set up activities which enhance those learning experiences. From melting ice blocks, to creating salt crystals in a jar to building marble runs or playing with magnets. They all cover a scientific topic. But have you heard of STEM? It’s one of the latest learning crazes and it takes that play to learning to another level. 

At its most basic, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM is a philosophy of education that embraces teaching skills and subjects in a way that resembles real life. For example, an engineer doesn’t just use maths to do their job. They use all the STEM concepts intertwined together, allowing them to design complex systems or structures.

Our local Toy Library in Ellerslie recently purchased some new and exciting toys with STEM learning concepts in mind. Toy Libraries are driven by the understanding that children learn through play, so they make every effort to provide a wide selection of toys, catering to different ages, development stage, ability, and interests etc. 

My 3 year old daughter was very keen to borrow the Code n’ Learn Kinderbot, having never seen or played with a robot before.  The Kinderbot allows your little ones to explore early math concepts, colours, and shapes, through fun coding challenges. They are encouraged to use their problem-solving skills to figure out and code a safe path for the robot through an obstacle course. They can also use the machine accessories to build and try out new experiments, and a “Secret Code” book, where they can program the robot into different characters. This amazed my 3 years old and my 7 month old toddler who had been watching with great interest. After two weeks of exploring the Kinderbots functions my daughter was happy and confident that she could make him “walk” and dance by turning him left and right repeatedly. It’s safe to say we’ll be borrowing him again soon. And it might be that we have a little computer scientist on our hands. Who knows?

STEM toys at Ellerslie Toy Library

Whatever your child’s preference, there’s plenty of toys available that promote STEAM learning and help encourage critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, organisational skills and teamwork. Check out marble runs which introduce the concept of gravity. Or construction sets, magnetic toys and even scale sets to learn about balance and weights.

Keep an eye out for STEM toys at your local toy library or toy store and help your little geniuses get ready for the world!

Find out more about how you can borrow STEM toys and other toys at Ellerslie Toy Library for your child or become a toy library member here: Ellerslie Toy Library Facebook Page.

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