Family activities to inspire wanderlust

Family activities to inspire wanderlust

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Are you suffering from holiday deprivation? Is the family pining for an overseas getaway? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But guess what, you don’t always have to get on a plane or check-in into a resort to get that holiday feeling.

In a study looking into Kiwis holiday habits and motivations, Expedia revealed Kiwis recognise the personal and professional benefits of taking a holiday, with majority stating they always feel positive and rejuvenated after. These positive effects foster a positive mindset that Expedia calls a Vacation State of Mind, and it extends far beyond the trip itself.

As the country embraces post-pandemic life and things slowly go back to normal, the reality is, international travel is still on hold, which can leave a lot of us feeling stressed. Many might be concerned about the next time they can truly relax whilst lying on the beach or feel stress-free as someone else cooks dinner for you.

To help Kiwi families tap into their Vacation State of Mind and enjoy the feeling of being on holiday again, here are some great family activities to reminisce and bring on the good times:

  • Slideshows are not dead: As a fun family activity, get the kids together to create a fun slideshow of old photos and videos from past holidays. According to Expedia 79% of Kiwis say looking at holiday photos and talking about holiday memories (81%) tops up their holiday high. Why not make a night of it by having a viewing party and relive the memories.

  • Journal as a family: To help families tap into their Vacation State of Mind anytime, anywhere, Expedia has launched a new downloadable adventure travel journal. Inspiring wanderlust, the Expedia Explorer Journals are full of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. From reminiscing about past trips, to learning about new destinations, the journals are full of creative prompts to seed curiosity, inspire conversations, and encourage self-expression. Download the Expedia Explorer Journal here

  • Theme it: Relive favourite memories from past holidays by theming a whole week to that destination/country. Based on the research 48% of Kiwis cook the local cuisine from a favourite destination to evoke a Vacation State of Mind, why not dedicate a whole week to Italian cuisine!

  • Learn the language: Consider learning the language of the next destination you plan to visit.

  • Research and plan: Use this time to research and plan the next holiday for when the time is right. Consider looking into the different museums, sites, restaurants and activities in each destination to create the perfect itinerary.

At a time where travel is limited and the lines between work, home and leisure are blurred, it’s important now more than ever to use these holiday top-ups and resources like the downloadable adventure journal to relieve stress, inspire wanderlust and dream of your next holiday.

Expedia Travellers Journal Where in the World Quiz
Example of the activities for kids in from Expedia's downloadable Travel Journal

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