Secret World of Butterflies at Auckland Museum

Secret World of Butterflies at Auckland Museum

There are around 20,000 species of Butterflies in the world.  At The Secret World of Butterflies exhibition at Auckland Museum the kids (and you) can learn about  different species of butterflies in their interactive exhibition. 

Secret World of Butterflies Exhibition

The kids loved colouring in their own butterfly and watching it fly on the giant garden wall screen.

Ray Shannon Butterflies

The Shannon butterfly collection is on display for the kids to see some of the different colours and types of butterflies that there are.  You can view the Shannon collection of butterflies online here.

There is even a large pretend caterpillar for the kids to crawl through or climb on.

Secret World of Butterflies

There is no eating or drinking in the exhibition, but you can pack your lunch from home to eat in the Kai Room or buy something to eat at the cafe.

The Secret World of Butterflies was open at Auckland Museum until Sunday 17 February 2019. Please note that the exhibition has finished and is no longer available to visit.  The exhibition is FREE for Aucklanders. For more information see:

To see how Auckland Museum created an immersive digital garden in The Secret World of Butterflies watch this short video below:

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