Whoa! Studios

Whoa! Studios

We have been to Whoa! Studios a few times since it opened. The kids absolutely loved everything about it the first time – watching the show, the behind the scenes studio tour, the urban playground, especially giant crochet net and the food at The Grounds

​I wondered if the novelty would wear off for my children, but it hasn’t. Each time they still have lots of fun, and are still always eager to go back again. Have a look at the pictures below and you can see why Whoa! Studios is so popular. 

Picture by Auckland for Kids - Whoa! Studios urban playground giant crocheted playnet


Picture by Auckland for Kids: Whoa! Studios Urban Playground giant crochet net


Picture by Auckland for Kids: Whoa! Studios live Custard's World Show


Picture by Auckland for Kids: Whoa! Studios - Dr Gloom


Picture by Auckland for Kids: Modern Family Eatery The Grounds at Whoa! Studios in Waitakere, Auckland


Whoa! Studios can be found at 8-14 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland For more information see:  whoastudios.co.nz

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