Why are playgrounds closed during COVID-19?

Empty swings at childs playground

Why are playgrounds closed during COVID-19?

Playgrounds in Auckland are closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus while New Zealand is lockdown for four weeks until Wednesday 22 April 2020. As COVID-19 lasts on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours playgrounds may not be safe for your children to play on. 

Other questions you might be asking about playgrounds during this shutdown period are:

If nobody else is at the playground why can't my family use it?

As the virus COVID-19 can last on playground equipment for up to 72 hours, so Your children could pick up the virus be touching hard surfaces at the playground like slides and the chains on the swings even when nobody else is there/

Are we allowed in the park, even if we can't use the playground?

Yes, you can use the park for exercise and fresh air but you need to practice social distancing of keeping 2 meters of more away form people who aren’t in your household. You should stay away from the playgrounds. If you think your children will try to go on the playground then you are best not to go close to it or choose a different outdoor space for a walk.

Can my kids play on the playground in our own backyard?

Yes, as long as only the people who use the playground in your backyard live in your household.

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