50 life skills to teach your kids

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50 life skills to teach your kids

Life skills are tools your children will need to succeed in life, that aren’t always taught at school. 

Here are 50 simple but important life lessons and skills that your children should have by the time they leave home.

  1. Make a bed, including how to put on a duvet.

  2. Being kind to others

  3. Tie their shoe laces

  4. Cook at least 3 different meals for dinner

  5. Make breakfast, including how to boil, poach and/or scramble eggs.

  6. Being able to share with others

  7. Sew a button on their clothes

  8. Ride a bike

  9. Trust their own instincts

  10. Know how to cut up different types of fruit and vegetables

  11. Do their own washing and fold and put away their clothes

  12. Set the table

  13. Drive a car

  14. Be empathetic to others

  15. Turn off the power and water at the mains

  16. Care for a living plant or a pet

  17. Manage their money and pay bills online

  18. Know that everybody is unique

  19. Know how to make healthy food choices

  20. Change the car tyre

  21. Be honest

  22. Clean the toilet and bathroom

  23. Know when to ask for help

  24. Address an envelope and write a letter (not just send an email)

  25. Know CPR and basic first aid

  26. Wash the dishes by hand and using the dishwasher

  27. Wrap a gift and write a card

  28. Know you can’t control how other people treat you, but you can control how you respond

  29. Change a light bulb

  30. Be able to lose gracefully

  31. Use a hammer and screwdriver

  32. Treat everyone with respect

  33. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

  34. Know it’s okay to make mistakes

  35. How to apply for a job

  36. Apologise when they are wrong and mean it

  37. Know the names of at least 20 flowers

  38. Handwash clothes and remove stains

  39. Solve problems and deal with obstacles

  40. Iron a shirt

  41. Know how to spot a scam

  42. Vaccum properly (including behind the fridge)

  43. Know the capitals and flags for counties around the world.

  44. Greet someone politely

  45. Appreciate the small things in life

  46. Discover their family heritage and where their family comes from

  47. Respect others and expect if for  themselves

  48. Be able to say no politely

  49. Practice gratitude

  50. Know that they are loved, no matter what.

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