15 Free things to do together with Dad on Father’s Day

Father and daughter

15 FREE things to do together with your Dad on Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up this year on Sunday 1 September 2019 in New Zealand.  What do you get the Dad who has it all? Or if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a Father’s Day gift, what do you do?  Time spent together is a great way to celebrate Dads. Try one of these suggestions of fun FREE things you and the kids can do to celebrate Father’s Day.

1. Give Dad breakfast in bed

Start Father’s Day off by giving Dad a home made breakfast and coffee in bed. 

Breakfast in bed

2. Enjoy the day out doing what Dad wants to do

If you Dad loves fishing but never gets to do it because he is busy taking the kids out and about to where they want to go, then set aside the whole day to go fishing with him.  He will enjoy spending time together on Father’s Day as a family, especially as he gets to do his favourite hobby.

If fishing isn’t his thing, choose his favourite hobby to do whether thats gardening, making craft beer or making something in the garage; just remember to choose to do what he wants to do. 

Father and son fishing

3. Play computer games

If your Dad loves playing Nintendo Switch or computer games, then join in a family game session of his favourite games, whether that is Pacman, Fortnite, Zelda or Mario. Remember to let him win, it’s Father’s Day after all.


4. Watch Dad's favourite family movies

Have a family movie night on Father’s Day. Make some popcorn and choose Dad’s favourite family movies to watch together.  

Bowl of popcorn

5. Put on a show

The kids can put on a show just for Dad.  Whether they want to sing, dance, do circus tricks or make a puppet show they will find something to entertain Dad and have fun creating it themselves.

Child singing

6. Go for a bike ride

If the weather is nice go on a family bike ride. Let Dad choose the route of where he want’s to go, or you could surprise him by making a trail.

3 bicycles

7. Get out his favourite author's latest book from the library

If your Dad is a bookworm but doesn’t usually have time to read, then  get out a new book from the library in advance and let him enjoy reading it on Father’s Day.

Man reading a book

8. Do Dad's weekend jobs so he can relax

If the kids are old enough get them to do Dad’s usual weekend chores so he can relax, or do something else. Whether that’s mowing the lawns, washing the car or painting the fence.

Mowing the lawn

9. Go for a picnic

Head to your Dad’s favourite park or outdoor spot for a family picnic. If the weather isn’t great, you can always have a picnic in your lounge.

Dad at a picnic

10. Have a family Karaoke party

Search up Dad’s favourite songs on Youtube to sing along to. Just make sure you put “karaoke” after the songs name when you search and you are bound to find something.

Karaoke microphone

11. Visit the museum

If your Dad is a museum buff, then take him to the Auckland Museum for the day. It’s FREE for Aucklanders and if you pack some lunch from home you can eat in the Kai Room too.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

12. Look back through your old digital photos

Most of us don’t print out all of our photo’s anymore. It’s fun to look at our older digital albums together and reminisce over  the old photos of holidays  and funny occasions that you enjoyed together as a family.

Dad and father outside

13. Play a game

Play one of Dad’s favourite board, card or table games together. 

Jenga game

14. Go for a walk or hike together

Go with the family for a walk together along Dad’s favourite Auckland beach or go for a  hike in bush together.

Girl sitting on father's shoulders

15. Make Dad his favourite dinner

Get the kids to help you choose and make their Dad’s favourite dinner. Or make it an ever bigger celebration and invite the Grandfathers for a meal to celebrate all of the Dad’s in the family. 

Dad eating dinner

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