Mythic Creatures Exhibition at Butterfly Creek

Auckland for Kids visits the MYTHIC CREATURES exhibition at Butterfly Creek

Dragon at Butterfly Creek

Auckland for Kids visited the new  Mythic Creatures permanent exhibition at Butterfly Creek in the school holidays.   You can see some of the world’s legends come to life in this new exhibition which are featured around the park and inside the Mythic Creatures building. Our children’s favourite mythical creature was the life sized blue dragon (pictured above). 

Kraken at Butterfly Creek
The Kraken at Butterfly Creek's Mythic Creatures exhibition

Kids can discover Kraken and learn about the giant legendary ocean dwelling monster which featured in Scandinavian folklore.  

See a replica of a Sphinx and discover how the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses represented aspects of Egyptians natural and “supernatural” surroundings.   

Learn about how mermaids are perceived in different cultures around the world at the mythical mermaid display of the half-human and half-fish creatures.

Butterfly Creek sphinx- AUCKLAND FOR KIDS
Sphinx replica at Butterfly Creek
Butterfly Creek mermaids- AUCKLAND FOR KIDS
Mermaids at Butterfly Creek

Little kids will want to see the mystical unicorns display, while the older kids can learn about aliens.

Alien and Unicorn exhibit at Butterfly Creek
Aliens and Unicorn at Butterfly Creek

As well as the Mythic Creatures exhibition at Butterfly Creek you can also visit the Dinosaur Kingdom, Butterfly House, Buttermilk Farm and see lots of other animals such as reptiles, kiwis, otters, crocodiles and more for a fun family day out.

Buttermilk Farm

Buttermilk Farm at Butterfly Creek is fun for kids to get up close to animals. There are rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, alphacas, sheep, pigs, chickens and birds. Our children also like to pat the rabbits when they visit and enjoy saying  “Hello” to  Charlie the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo who repeats it back to them.

Butterfly Creek rabbit- AUCKLAND FOR KIDS
Auckand for Kids visits Buttermilk Farm at Butterfly Creek
Butterfly Creek lama- AUCKLAND FOR KIDS
Alpachas at Buttermilk Farm
Goat at Butterfly Creek
Goats at Buttermilk Farm at Butterfly Creek

Butterfly House

The Butterfly House, one of New Zealand’s largest tropical butterfly houses is one of our families favourite things to see at Butterfly Creek. The kids always enjoy watching the butterflies fly around and standing still to see if the butterflies will land on them. 

Butterfly at Butterfly Creek
Butterflies in the Butterfly House
Kiwis at Butterfly Creek
Learning about kiwis

You can also see the inconic kiwi bird at Butterfly Creek and learn about our national bird before going in the small exhibit before going in to see the real kiwi in the dark.

We think that Butterfly Creek is a fun day out for family, especially for families with toddlers, preschoolers and/or primary school aged children ( 5 to 10 years old).

The new Mythical Creatures exhibit is included in the current All Attractions pass, so there is no extra cost to visitors. 

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