Fitness classes

Fitness Classes

Find a local fitness class  for your children and teenagers in Auckland New Zealand 

CrossFit Auckland

19 Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland

CrossFit Kids & Teens combines gymnastics, body weight calisthenics and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across ten general physical skills: cardio-respiratory endurance, power, strength, stamina, speed, agility, flexibility, balance, accuracy, and co-ordination. Children and teens have a greater opportunity (relative to adults) to maximise their physical skills when exposed to this stimulus during years of peak development. The elements are combined to keep children engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement technique and creating a broad athletic foundation. Nutrition is also discussed as the basis of athletic performance and health within a supportive community.

CrossFit East Auckland (Kids & Teens)

Unit C, 129 Meadowland Drive, Somerville, Auckland

  • Gen RX’s Kides 3 to 6 years 

  • Gen RX’d Kids 7 to 12 years

  • Gen RX’d Kids 13 to 17 years

CrossFit programme designed for ids and teens combining movements from gymnastics and athletics into a fun, fitness programme. Kids and teens can try their first class free to see if it is for them.

CrossFit NZ

1 Thomas Peacock Pl, St Johns, Auckland

CrossFit Kids isn’t just about fun and games, it’s about helping your children become more capable human beings.  Movements will include variations of squatting, throwing, lifting, pushing, pulling, climbing, running, and jumping. These functional and natural movements have existed since we have and thus heavily influence the CrossFit programming. Healthy eating is also covered as understanding the value of real food is just as important as real exercise.

Rapid Crossfit

288 Dominion Road. Mount Eden, Auckland

Rapid Youth program is a safe, fun and energetic fitness class that uses a combination of skills practice, workouts and fitness games to build strength and conditioning in kids.. Junior classes for kids aged 9 to 12 years and senior youth classes for teens aged 13 years plus.