Manuka Reserve Playground in Bayview

Manuka Reserve Playground in Bayview

Climbing at Manuka Playground
Climbing at Manuka Playground

I took my daughter Cheverny (8 years old) and her friend Helena to this newly refurbished playground in Manuka Reserve in Bayview on Auckland’s North Shore which has something to suit all ages. 

There are swings (including a basket swing), a wide metal slide, see-saw, carousel, climbing ropes and bars and an impressive obstacle/adventure course. 

There is also a basketball half-court next to the playground. 

The fun playground overlooks the water and it is also a lovely spot for a family picnic with the kids.

Manuka Reserve Playground spinner & climbing tower
Manuku Playground Slide
Manuka Playground

Tips about Manuka Reserve Playground

  • Suitable for toddlers, preschool, primary school and intermediate school age children.

  • Partially fenced to stop dogs from entering the playground area from the Manukau Reserve Dog Park

  • Partially shaded with a shade cloth over the slide and some shady trees

  • Picnic tables

  • Basketball half-court for all ages to enjoy.

Manuka Reserve Playground

Where is Manuka Reserve Playground?

Manuka Reserve Playground is located in Manuka Reserve which can be accessed from Manuka Road in Bayview on Auckland’s North Shore. 

Bayview’s neighbouring suburbs are Glenfield, Unsworth Heights, Totara Vale and Greenhithe.

What other fun places are there to go with kids near Manuka Reserve Playground?

More family-friendly places to discover nearby to Manuka Reserve if you have longer include:

  • Manuka Reserve Beach, although it’s a small beach the kids can still have fun making sandcastles or going paddling in the water. 

  • Lynn Reserve Playground and Bushwalk in Bayview.

  • Kauri trees at Leigh Scenic Reserve 

  • Spinella Reserve and playground

  • Marlborough Park with it’s children’s and youth playground, skatepark and basketball court.

  • Swimming at Glenfield Pool & Leisure Centre or the slightly further away Birkenhead outdoor pool & Leisure Centre.

  • Normanton Reserve Playground and Basketball court in Glenfield

  • Getting some books out at Glenfield Library

  • Check out the shops at Glenfield Mall including the Toyworld store

  • Discover the hidden away Camelot Reserve Playground in Glenfield

  • Locket Reserve Playground in Glenfield

  • MacKay Drive Playground in Greenhithe

  • Schopolo Playground in Schnapper Rock

  • Rock climbing at Northern Rocks in Wairau Valley

  • Getting a meal at The Postman’s Leg in Glenfield which has it’s own children’s playground.

  • Visiting the Chelsea Sugar Factory within the Chelsea Estate Heritage Park in Chatswood.

Playground at Chelsea Sugar Factory
Chelsea Bay Sugar Factory & it's Playground for little kids