Colourful Aronia Park Playground in Goodwood Heights

Colourful Aronia Park Playground in Goodwood Heights

Auckland for Kids on the colourful slides at Ariona Park

Aronia Park is a new colourful rainbow playground in South Auckland’s neighbourhood Goodwood Heights which is close to Flat Bush, Clover Park and Manukau. There are two colourful slides, two giant swings, a spinner, stepping stones and a flying fox (which wasn’t working when we visited). Some of the play equipment had covered shade clothes over it so the kids can still enjoy them in summer. There are also two covered picnic tables for families to enjoy eating out at the park.

Basket Swing and slides at Aronia Park Auckland for Kids

Auckland for Kids tips about Aronia Park

  • Suitable for primary school aged children, tweens and teens;

  • The slides are fast so teens may end up coming off the end of the slide;

  • The park is partially covered by shade clothes;

  • There is a dairy right next to the park to buy an ice cream or treat;

  • The steps up to the top of the slide are steep and on a loose bark surface; 

  • Two picnic tables covered by shade clothes; and

  • The playground is not fenced

Aronia Park Slides and Playground
Shade clothes and picnic tables at Aronia Park
Aronia Park large swings
Ariona Playground Spinner - Photo Auckland for Kids

Where is Aronia Park?

You can find the playground at Aronia Park  on the corner of Everglade Drive and Aronia Way in Goodwood Heights, South Auckland, New Zealand. 

Aronia Park sign

What other fun places are there to go with kids near Aronia Park?

If you are visiting Aronia Park and want to explore other fun places for kids nearby we recommend:

  • Enjoying Eugenia Rise Reserve playground in Totara Heights;

  • Discover the gardens and nature at Auckland Botanic Gardens;

  • Exploring Totara Park and playing on the playground there;

  • Going for a mountain bike ride at the Totara Park Mountain Bike Track;

  • Swimming at Totara Park outdoor swimming pools in the summer;

  • Playing on Hughs Way Playground, Barry Curtis Park playground and Raphoe Park playground in Flat Bash;

  • Going for a bush walk in Murphy’s Bush Reserve in Flat Bush; and

  • Visiting the Go Guang Shan Buddhist Temple in Flat Bush.

And if you are going for a full day out then we also suggest going to some of these places too:
  • Rainbow’s End theme park in Manukau; 

  • Krispy Kreme in Manukau where you can watch the doughnuts getting made; and

  • Vector Wero Whitewater Park for a family rafting adventure in Manukau.

Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple New Zealand
Go Guang Shan Buddhist Temple in Flat Bush | Photo: Auckland for Kids