Kahawairahi Drive Reserve Beachlands Playground

Kahawairahi Drive Reserve Beachlands Playground

Kahawairahi Drive Reserve Playground in Beachlands
Kahawairahi Drive Reserve Playground in Beachlands | Photo by Auckland for Kids

Kahawairahi Drive Reserve is a fun new playspace for kids and teens to enjoy in Beachlands in South-East Auckland.

With a sandy play area and nature trail for the littlies complete with moths and centipede stepping stones, swings for ages, a bright blue and yellow basketball half court, giant tower and a fun fast slide for school aged kids.

Beachlands playground sand play area, Kahawairahi Drive Reserve
Little Kids playground at Kahawairahi Drive Reserve
Basketball court at Kahawairahi Drive Reserve
Swings at Kahawairahi Drive Reserve
Kahawairahi Drive Reserve large slide
Moth on the nature trail
Stepping stone trail
Centipede stepping stones Nature Trail
Bridge to Kahawairah Drive Park
kahawairah drive reserve-playgorund beachlands tower
Junior playground at Kahawairahi Drive Reserve

Auckland for Kids tips about Kahawairahi Drive Reserve and Playground

  • Suitable for toddlers, preschool, primary school, intermediate school aged children and teenagers.

  • Picnic tables and seats.

  • Sandy play area for the little kids.

  • Fun nature stepping stone playground around the edge of the reserve.

  • Half basketball court to play on.

  • No public toilets.

  • Not fenced.

Where is Kahawairahi Drive Reserve Beachlands Playground?

Kahawairahi Drive Reserve is at 33 Kahawairahi Drive in Beachlands on the Pohutuakawa Coast in Auckland. Beachlands is next to the Auckland neighbourhoods Maraetai and Whitford.

What other fun places are there to go with kids near Kahawairahi Drive Reserve?

If you are visiting Kahawairahi Drive Reserve Playground and want to explore more places on your da out with the kids we recommend:

  • Visiting Kelly’s Beach and Te Puru Park and Playground

  • Visiting Omana Regional Park, Omana Beach and Omana Beach Road Beachside Playground.

  • Walking down the wharf at Maraetai in winter, going for a swim at Maraetai Beach in summer and playing on the playground at Maraetai Park.

  • Going fishing at Magazine Bay Wharf.

  • Going for a walk at Duder Regional Park and seeing all the farm animals. 

  • Catching a ferry from Pine Harbour Marina in Beachlands to the City Centre.

  • Visit the Friday Farmers Market.