Stonefield Playground

Towers at Stonefield Park Playground

Stonefield Playground

Stonefield playground is located in the neighborhood of Stonefields next to Mount Wellington and is a fun place your kids will enjoy.

There are three towers which are perfect for your kids to climb in and at the same time easy for you to keep an eye on them. Also there is a big tube slide at the top of one of the towers for a quick and fun slide. Stonefield playground also has 2 smaller slides, swings, a basket swing, a spica, a spinner roundabout, water play features and diggers for your kids to play with in the sand area of the playground.

Auckland for Kids visits Stonefield playground

Auckland for Kids tips:

  • Suitable for preschoolers

  • Suitable for primary school children

  • Suitable for older kids

  • Waterplay area

  • Picnic table

  • Drinking fountain

Swings at Stonefield Playground by Auckland for Kids


Stonefield playground is at Fynes Avenue, Stonefields, Auckland. Charlie and George is a cafe located a block away from the park on Stonefields Avenue to enjoy some lunch or breakfast. There is also Guard playground and Bluestone playground nearby in Stonefields if you want to spend some more time having fun. 

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