Easy Mother’s Day Cards to make at home

Easy Mother’s Day Cards to make at home

Make Mum feel special this Mother’s Day by making one of these 10 easy to make homemade Mother’s Day cards. 

Handmade cards are particularly special because as a Mum they remind you of a feeling, a story, a thought at a time in your child’s life.

Butterfly Mother's Day handprint card

Butterfly Mother's Day Handprint Card

When you don’t want to give lot’s of cards to Grandmothers this is the perfect car to make. You can stack up the handprints for each of your children with the youngest in front to make a butterfly. The poem reads:

This isn’t just a butterfly, as you can plainly see.
I made it with my hand, which is a part of me.
It comes with lots of love, especially to say
I hope you have a very
Happy Mother’s Day

Follow the step by step instructions to make this card here: franklyspeakingtoo

"I Love You Mum" pop-up cards

Make these two “I love You, Mum” pop-up cards fun colourful handmade Mother’s Day cards. To make a silhoutte card you print out the free file then cut on the solid lines and fold on the dotted lines.   Dowloand the free templates here, and follow the easy step by step instructions at: 1dogwoof 

I love you Mum card
Credit: 1dogwoof

Tulip in a heart card

For Mum’s who love flowers this cute paper tulip in a heart card is a cute card your kids can make.  Find out how to make this card with step by step instructions here: easypeasyandfun

Tulip in a Heart Card - Easy Peasy and Fun
Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

Treat Mum cards

Here is a fun printable cards for a “Treat Yourself”  Mother’s Day. Although you can’t get Mum to a spa right now, you could also give her a DIY pamper session at home from the kids.  Find these free Mother’s Day cards to download and print at: Studio DIY

Credit:Studio DIY

String heart yarn card

Here is a fun colourful handmade Mother’s Day card kids can make that will encourage their fine motor skills with some threading activity.  Follow the easy step by step instructions at: Hello Wonderful

Credit: Hello Wonderful

DIY bouquet of flower cards

Nothing says “you’re special to me” quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. These  DIY flower cards are the perfect way to celebrate Mum and to show her just how much she means to you. Plus, these flowers stay fresh and hold their color all year round. Learn how to make your own bouquet of flower cards here: handmadecharlotte

Mothers Day Cards
Credit: Hand Made Charlotte

Bright and cheerful Mother's Day card

This cute cupcake liner flower card is simple to make for kids but the result looks amazing.  This card would also make great cards for grandmas, aunts, stepmothers, and and other special maternal figures in your kids’ lives. Find out how to make this card with step-by-step instructions here: heartcraftythings.com

Cupcake liner Mother's Day card
Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

Mother's Day FREE printable cards

For kids (and adults) that aren’t into creating their own art, then  you can download and print and colour one of Sarah Renae Clark’s Mother Day Cards. Download and print one of Sarah’s FREE Mother’s Day cards here: Sarah Renae Clark

Sarah Renae Clark Mother's Day Card
Credit: Sarah Renae Clark

Paper fortune teller Mother's Day card

Kids can print out the free printable chatterbox, colour it in and fold it up and then have fun with Mum on Mother’s Day.  Let Mum pick a number and under each number there are fun things to do like: “Blow Mum a Kiss”, “Give Mum a Hug”, “Tell Mum one thing you love about her” and more activities… Find out how to make the fortune teller chatterbox here: homanathome.com

Fortune teller Mother's Day card
Credit: Homan at Home

Handmade donut card for sweet Mums

For Mums who like sweet treats, these handmade donuts, cake and candy cards are perfect. Find out how to make this card with step by step instructions here: handmadecharlotte

Handmade donut card
Credit: Hand Made Charlotte

Fingerprint heart tree card

This Mother’s Day card is easy for the kids to make and it looks lovely. Draw the tree branches and then put your finger prints around the branches in a heart shape. Find out how to make this card with step by step instructions here: easypeasyandfun

Heart Fingerprint Tree
Credit: Easy Peasy and Fun

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