5 Best Sushi Train Restaurants in Auckland

Japanese Salmon Sushi

Taking the kids out to eat at a sushi train restaurant (also know as Kaiten sushi) is a fun and quick way to eat out as a family.

As the food is already on the sushi train then you don’t need to wait for your meals to be prepared.  Plus we find that our kids have fun choosing their own plates of sushi off the conveyer belt as they come around and making the decision of what they will or won’t eat.  The sushi train plates are colour coded for the different prices, which makes it easy for your kids to understand what they are spending.  If you only want to spend a certain amount, you can  tell the kids to only choose plates that have the colours of the lower priced items and to not take the more expensive plates that are in different colours without asking. It’s also quite a fun way for them to practice their maths while they eat dinner, especially to add up the total cost at the end. 

If there is nothing that your kids like coming around on the sushi train, then you can put an order in for different sushi or hot food from the restaurant menus.  As half of our family is vegetarian and generally there is more vegetarian food on the menu than they put out on the sushi train we usually put an order in as well as choosing sushi from the sushi train and it doesn’t usually take too long.

Here are Auckland for Kids recommendations of the BEST sushi train restaurants in Auckland.

1. Sushi Train in Viaduct Harbour & Chancery Square

The Viaduct Harbour Sushi Train was one of the first restaurants to serve sushi on a rotating conveyor in New Zealand and is still going strong today.

Sushi Train has lots of types of sushi, platters and also hot food for those in your family who don’t like sushi there is udon, gyozas, noodles and more. 

They have highchairs for the little kids, and also booth seats which can be handy when you want to stop the little kids from getting more food off the conveyor belt when they have had enough. One wall also has a blackboard that the kids can draw on too.

You can find Sushi Train on Custom Street West behind the Auckland Viaduct Harbour and it looks out towards the Tepid Baths swimming pool which is on the opposite side of the road.

The Chancery Square Sushi Train restaurant is a fun family dining experience. They also do takeaway sushi if you don’t want to eat in too! While  you are at the Chancery Square you can always pop into the Coin Singing Both afterwards for a couple of karaoke songs and then onto Dunkin Donuts for dessert.

2. Tomi Ro Northwest

You can choose to sit either at the sushi train or a regular table at Tomi Ro Northwest. There is a good selection of sushi and you can order fresh sashimi, barbeque skewers from the Robata Grill and more types of hot food.

The family friendly restaurant has high chairs for the kids and often has school holiday specials too.

You can find Tomi Ro in Westgate in Northwest Auckland.

Tomi Ro sushi train restaurant at Northwest

3. St Pierre's Sushi Train eateries at Westfield Newmarket and K10 in Ponsonby

St Pierre’s Sushi Train prides itself on using the best ingredients and has fresh salmon that arrives from the Marlborough Sounds that they skin and bone on their premises. The Chicken Teriyaki which is one of our daughter’s favourite dishes is marinated and cooked fresh every day and the vegetable lovers can be assured that they chop up the cucumbers, avocados and other vegetables each day too.

If you or the kids don’t like sushi you can order freshly made bento boxes, sushi and hot items from the menu.

You can find St Pierre’s Sushi Train in The Eatery in the new Westfield shopping centre in Newmarket and in their Ponsonby eatery K10 at 314 Ponsonby Road.

K10 Sushi Train, Ponsonby

4. Daruma Sushi-Go-Round restaurants in Botany, Albany and Sylvia Park

The  Daruma Sushi Go Round restaurants have lots of Daruma dolls everywhere which are seen as a symbol of perseverance and good luck in Japan, so these restaurants are the perfect place to take the kids to celebrate an achievement or before a test or exam to wish them luck. 

Daruma get their ingredients from local ports and don’t use frozen fish. All of the fish you eat will have been get sliced at their restaurants. 

Daruma Sushi-Go Round has three sushi-train restaurants, one in Botany in East Auckland, one in Sylvia Park shopping centre and the other in Albany on the North Shore.

Sushi Train restaurant at Slyvia Park | Photo: Auckland for Kids
Daruma Sushi Go Round at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre | Photo: Auckland for Kids

5. Sushi Factory, Auckland City Centre

Take the kids to eat out for a quick bite at the Sushi Factory restaurant in Vulcan lane in the heart of the Auckland City Centre. There are bar stools around the tall conveyor belt table in the middle of the small Japanese restaurant, or if you prefer there are regular tables away from the conveyor belt which are a good option if your kids keep taking the plates of sushi from the conveyor belt just for fun rather than because they want to eat them!