Futsal Clubs

Futsal Clubs

Find your local Futsal Club for children and teenagers in Auckland

Futsal is a fast paced variant of Association Football (Soccer) and is referred to as “indoor soccer“. Futsal originated in South America and is the only indoor soccer game officially recognised by both the UEFA and FIFA. 

Futsal is a team sport played 5-a-side on a hard surface, the size of a basketball court with a 4 foot-long and 3 foot-wide goal at either end. They play with a futsal ball which is a smaller and heavier ball with less bounce than a regular soccer ball. Futsal is made up of tow 20 minute halves and the team with the most goals wins. Like soccer, kids can’t touch the ball with their arms or hands. 

Futsal can be played throughout the whole year. Futsal is a fun safe sport as it dosen’t allow tackling. Futsal teaches ball control and is a fast game with continuous play that kids will find lots of fun to play!

East City Futsal

ASB Stadium, 203 Kohimarama Road (Selwyn College Grounds), Kohimarama, Auckland
Facebook: EastCityFutsal

East City Futsal is the longest established club in New Zealand and is home to the game of FIFA 5 a-side indoor soccer – Futsal – a great fitness and skill builder, played by boys, girls, women and men of all ages.  They cater for age groups from 8 year olds to senior male or female.

Riverside Sports

50 Dunkirk Road, Panmure, Auckland
Contact: riversidesports@xtra.co.nz

Futsal lessons include drills to work on ball control, ball conduction, passing, shooting and coordination, and a Futsal game. Following the “4 corner coaching method” promoted by Auckland Football Federation, which emphasises the technical, physical, mental and social/emotional aspects.