Fun things to do with the kids in Lockdown these school holidays

Fun things to do with the kids in Lockdown these school holidays

Kids making pizza

We’re all spending a lot more time at home at the moment and it’s getting harder to come up with new ways to keep the kids entertained for the October school holidays.

With no play dates,  playground trips, birthday parties, outings and their usual hobbies and activities it is starting to get a bit boring.  Don’t worry we have you covered there are lots of fun things kids can do at home during lockdown in Spring, from arts and crafts to making bug hotels there are lots of things to do to entertain them. Plus at least there is no home-schooling for two weeks!

We will be adding to this list throughout the holidays if we don’t move down to Level 2, so keep a look out for new things we will add over the coming two weeks.

1. Make your own pizza restaurant or burger shop at home

Let the kids make their own pizzas or burgers and set up a restaurant or cafe at home to sell them to the grownups for dinner.

2. Discover a fairy trail in your local neighbourhood

There are lots of fairy trails popping up around Auckland. Your neighbourhood may have a pop-up fairy trail to discover if not you can always start your own one.

Fairy Walk in St Heliers
Pop-up Fairy in Dingle Dell Reserve in St Heliers

3. Make some playdoh

You can’t go past an old favourite of Play-Doh to keep younger kids entertained for hours. All you need is 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup salt,  1 tablespoon of oil, 1 cup of cold water and  2 drops of liquid food colouring.  Just mix the plain flour and salt. Then add the water, food colouring and oil and mix the ingredients until combined. Knead it well into one big ball. If it ends up being too wet, then just add a little more flour.

Making a rainbow from Playdoh

4. Go for a tour of the local street art and sculptures in your neighbourhood

Take a tour of your local neighbourhood to find some street art and sculptures to enjoy and take a family photo. Here are some of our Favourite Auckland public art and sculptures.

Tove Tui photo
Tove Tui, Boba and Palo Markovic by the street art mural at the K-Road end of Ponsonby Road. Photo by @Bob.M.Baluchova

5. Host your own movie night with homemade popcorn

Set up the lounge with lots of pillow, cook some home made pop corn and watch your favourite family movies.  Here are some of our favourite Disney+ kids movies to watch together as a family. And if you have teenagers in your house why not choose one of our favourite Netflix’s teen movies for teen to enjoy together.

Bowl of popcorn

6. Make a bug hotel

Make a bug hotel with the kids for the garden from reclaimed materials or natural objects.  The best bug hotels have lots of small spaces in different shapes and sizes and made from different materials. 

Bug Hotel

7. Go camping in the backyard

Since we can’t go camping, why not take the kids camping in your own backyard at Level 3.

Mother and camping in a tent

8. Put on a puppet show

Kids love putting on a show. Encourage them to build their own cardboard set and put on a puppet show with their toys to entertain the grownups.

9. Read an online book from the library

While the libraries are still closed, the kids can get out some new books to read online using the Libby app.

Or you would support your local book stores and order a new book as a holiday treat to click and collect.

Girl playing on tablet

10. Make your costume ready for Halloween

It’s Halloween later this month on Sunday 31 October. And although it’s unlikely we will be trick and treating we might be down to Level 2 and be able to invite some friends over for a Halloween party by the end of October.

11. Make some potato print stamps

Get out one of your old potatos from your pantry and turn them into a stamp for the kids. Cut the potato in half and then you can either carve a shape out with a knife, or use a cookie cutter to make the shape. Once you have the shape you want, then the kids can paint the end of it to use as a stamp. If you make some Christmas Shapes like trees and bells they could also make some Christmas Cards with them to give to family and friends in December.

12. Blow painting

Blow painting with straws is easy and lots of fun for kids of all ages. Use a straw to blow liquid watercolour paint on paper and make interesting patterns.

Paint art with a straw
Blow painting with a straw

13. Take an online tour of the world's best art galleries

We can’t travel overseas, but we can visit the online art galleries and museums from home with the kids.

Auckland for Kids visits The Broad Art Gallery
Auckland for Kids visits The Broad Art Gallery in Los Angeles

14. Make some slime at home

All you need to make slime at home is Elemr’s Washable White School Glue, Corn Flour, Food Colouring and Moisturiser. Here is the ingredient list and method to make your own slime.

Playing with slime

15. Paint a flower pot and plant in it

Kids will have fun choosing a plant and planting it in their own hand-painted flower pot to give away to their grandparents when they can see them next.

Painted Plant Pot

16. Make a playfort

All you need is a table and a blanket or some chairs, pegs and a blanket to make an old fashioned indoor playfort for the kids to hang out in during the holidays at home. 

Play fort

17. Make some bath bombs

Make a bath bomb at home. You will need some ingredients : bicarbonate soda, citric acid, cornflour, Epsom salts, oil and some essential oils and food colouring. Find out how to make your own bathbombs here.


18. Plant a veggie and fruit garden

Now is the perfect time to start a veggie garden or plant from fruit trees with the kids. It’s not too late to plant strawberries to enjoy this summer too.

Strawberry plant growing in a terracotta pot

19. Play computer games

Now, yes we know the kids have probably had lots of time on computer games already. But why not have a parent and child challenge on their favourite game these holidays. 

Gaming Pad

20. Go for a local bike or scooter ride

Take the kids on a local bike or scooter ride in your neighbourhood. Remember at Level 3 you need to stay in your local areas though. At Level 2 we can get out in our favourite parts of greater Auckland again.

Pink Light Path
Pink Light Path in Auckland CBD | Photo by Mark Brent

21. Go tree climbing

Every tree has something special about it. Some are really tall, some have hollows inside and some have wide trunks. Let your kids have fun learning how to climbing trees and seeing how much smaller things look from the top.

Jasmin and Jake tree climbing
Jasmin and Jake tree climbing

22. Make pancakes for breakfast

Make some pancakes for breakfast to enjoy together.  Add some strawberries to the strawberry season is just starting this month.

Pancakes for breakfast

Show the kids how to make pancakes, and then they might even surprise you and make them for breakfast in bed with the help of your partner.

23. Make your own imaginary animal kingdom

playing with dinosaurs

Kids have fun creating their own animal kingdom full of their favourite animals, whether it’s giraffes, dinosaurs, whales or elephants let them make a whole new world. If they don’t have any toys, then they can always draw their favourite Animal Kingdom.

24. Try out some online art activities

Have a look at these FREE online art activities for kids to enjoy at home.

Kid colouring in a butterfly picture

25. Get the kids to teach their sibling a new activity

Get your kids to teach each other a new activity or skill. Maybe your oldest knows how to play chess and they can teach your younger children, while you are doing some work.

kids playing chess

26. Make a bird house

Make a bird house with the kids. If you want to make it easier you can always buy a Kitset Bird House Set to make together.

bird house on a tree

27. Fly a Kite

Dig the kite out of the cupboards and head down to your local park to fly a kite!


Give all the boxes you have from online deliveries to the kids so they can draw on them and play with them these holidays. 

28. Play with boxes

Playing in Boxes

29. Jump on the bed

Just for fun, let the kids jump on your bed. Because it’s always a big no usually, it will be a special treat to do let them do it just this once in the holidays.

Children jumping on the bed

30. Go on a snail hunt

Challenge the kids to see how many snails they can find in the garden or see on your next walk.

Snails in the garden

31. Play hide and seek

Use your house as one big playground to play hide and seek inside. Get the kids to hide while you have a coffee, and then come and find them.

Playing Hide and seek

32. Make some watermelon slice popsicles

For an easy healthy ice block alternative, slice up a watermelon in triangular wedges and insert a popsicle stick into the rnd. You can freeze the popsicles if you want them cold or serve them fresh.

33. Jigsaw Puzzles

Spend an afternoon doing their favourite jigsaw puzzles, whie you get some work done at home.

Jigsaw puzzle

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