Finding Forests in Your Pocket

Finding Forests in Your Pocket

Playing a Forest in my Pocket

A Forest In My Pocket is a magical, augmented reality adventure for children, created as part of Sushine Coast’s 2020 leading re-imagined muti-arts festival, the Horizon Festival.

Created by illustrator and animator Helena Papageorgiou and narrated by Mischa Long, A Forest In My Pocket leads kids and families on a trail of discovery to find magic in their homes and little worlds in their backyards.

Print-at-home images come to life via augmented reality (AR) using smartphone app, EyeJack. Simply download the series of three images, place them around the house and have EyeJack ready to guide your children through this exciting adventure.

Technology is part of our kids lives whether we like it or not. Horizon Festival set out to create a project that uses technology in a positive way, to spark imagination and create a home for Morio in the garden.

In the first animation, the children will meet a little character, Morio, who will speak directly to your child and give them instructions for various tasks and activities around the home. Morio is a playful character who will excite and ignite your child. He is upbeat and is full of ideas. The animations are bold and full of colour with jellyfish, forests and giant mushrooms. Not to mention the purple guys who help out along the way! Morio’s world is peppered with all kinds of surprises, which hopefully results in repeat viewings and new discoveries each time. More is definitely more in Morio’s world!

A Forest in my Pocket drawing

AR is often described as superimposing a layer over reality to create an alternative avenue of visuals for the everyday. With this in mind, Helena used this as a foundation to build on and take the viewer on a journey which would incorporate an interactive narrative. The story which sets out to engage children and rediscover their own environments runs in parallel with the definition of AR, but it also incorporates the additional level of a physical action, which results in the construction of the home for Morio.

The idea of something small living in a pocket came from Horizon Festival Producer Amie Moffat, after spending a lot of time in hospital with her son. She used to fill their pockets with pixies and then release them through the ward to create mischief.

Amie shared, “Kids get so much joy from creating worlds from things from around home. The notion that we need to buy things for kids to play is one perspective, another way is to open the house up full of potential to create and make. How often have you bought something for your child and found them playing with the box the toy came in? Transforming everyday objects like bottle tops into swimming pools, toilet rolls in tunnels and string to make swings can keep a child captivated for hours.”

Viewing the everyday with this twist can create a whole new world of adventures. From this idea, A Forest in My Pocket was born. The project was also designed to teach kids to be responsible for someone other than themselves. Does Morio need food? Will he be warm enough? A Forest in my Pocket is an experience that is designed to be child-led, and is the perfect activity for kids that is on until 31 August 2020.

Download the EyeJack app and explore Morio’s world today!
Find out more about A Forest in My Pocket here:

A Forest in my Pocket app

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