Pilates and Yoga Classes in Auckland

Pilates and Yoga Classes

Find a local yoga or pilates class for your children and teenagers in Auckland, New Zealand

What are the benefits of Yoga for Kids and Teens?

Yoga creates a balance of mind and body, reduces stress, improves physical flexibility, and keeps kids fit and healthy. Children’s yoga differs from adults yoga in that it is play centred yoga. This keeps kids interested and involved and teaches yoga stances without them even realising they are doing it.

What are the benefits of Pilates for Teens?

Pilates can be a safe and low impact way to get children’s developing bodies and minds moving in healthier ways. Pilates is suitable for kids and teens with all levels of fitness and abilities and allows them to work systematically and progressively on their strength, endurance and flexibility.

If you have a sporty kid Pilates can help prevent them from becoming injured, strengthening their bodies and particularly their flexibility so that they can recover quicker from any extreme physical endurance they’re put through. Pilates is complimentary to dynamic sports that require lots of mobility and movement such as hockey, tennis, swimming, football, rugby and basketball. There is a synergy between the worlds of dance and practising Pilates as this can add strength and balance to their dance repertoires.

Yoga classes for Kids

Harmony Yoga

Titirangi Community House, 500 South Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Waitakere, West Auckland
Facebook: HarmonyYOGA

Kids who practice yoga can relax, unwind and clam themselves. They can improve their concentration and balance and have lots of fun too!


Kamala Yoga

Laingholm Community Hall, 69 Victory Rd, Laingholm, West Auckland
Facebook: kamalayoga.co.nz

Children’s yoga classes.

Yoga for Children and Families

Selwyn College, Kohimarama, Auckland, New Zealand

PLAY – Physical Learning, Active Yoga. Fun classes using story and adventure to support learning through physical activity, imitating, playing and singing! In these workshops there will also be opportunity to explore breathing techniques, relaxation practices, and creative time using hand/eye coordination as well as learning some basic meditation practices by using the senses. Complementary to other sports and activities. This workshop is designed for children from 6 to 10 years of age.

Ages: 6 to 10 years or 11 to 15 years.

Pilates classes for Teens

Matworks Pilates

Online virtual pilates classes, private mobile lessons or classes in Remuera
Facebook: Matworksnz

MatWorks offers a variety of small boutique Pilates classes, larger community focused Pilates classes and Private lessons both in home, in the work place and at our studios. Their team of instructors have a wealth of knowledge, experience and love Pilates. They focus on fitness and lifestyle, giving you a fun workout that will leave you feeling energised, transformed and wanting more.