Victor Eaves Park Playground in Orewa

Children playing on a basket swing at park

Victor Eaves Park Playground in Orewa

Visit this enjoyable Orewa neighbourhood playspace with your whanau next to the sports fields and bush at Victor Eaves Park.   The park has a tree hut, wooden climbing frame, basket swing and other swings, spinning carousel, flying fox. Plus there is a mini scooter track through and around the park for little kids to ride on.

Tips about Victor Eaves Park and Playground in Orewa

  • Suitable for toddlers, primary school and intermediate school age children.

  • Picnic table 

  • Seats

  • Partially shaded with a shade cloth.

  • Public toilets.

Where is Victor Eaves Park?

You can find the playground in Victor Eaves Park off W Hoe Road. The playground is near to Orwa Badminton Hall and Orewa Tennis Tennis Club and next to the Sports fields.

What other fun places are there to go with kids near Victor Eaves Park?

More whanau-friendly places to visit near the playground are:

  • Orewa Beach for a swim in summer,

  • Orewa Reserve Playground right next to Orewa Beach

  • Maygrove Park and Playground in Orewa,

  • Orewa Library to take out some children’s books to read at home

  • Totoara Views Playground in Red Beach

  • Shakespear Regional Park

  • Botanical Drive Park and Playground in Silverdale

  • Bonair playground in Silverdale, 

  • Ridgedale playground in Silverdale

  • Sprinkles Pump Track and Playground in Milldale

Shakespear Regional Park, Army Bay, Auckland, NZ