Top 8 things to do in Stonefields and St Johns on a Family Day Out

Top things to do in Stonefields and St Johns on a Family Day Out

Here are 8 of the BEST things to do for kids in Stonefields and St Johns on a day out with your family and friends.

1. Stonefield Playground

A fun playground for kids of all ages with slides, swings, spinners and much more for a enjoyable time. Read more about Stonefield Playground here.

Towers at Stonefield Park Playground
Auckland for Kids visits Stonefield Playground

2. Gravity trampoline park

Gravity is an indoor trampoline park which has 35 connected trampolines, a fun Ninja warrior course, tramp walls,  Foam pits, Dodge ball court, basketball hoop, foam pit, running wall and Zorb balls. They also have a special area dedicated for the little kids under 5 years old. If your parents do not want to jump with you they can watch from the spectators platform and get a coffee.

3. Charlie and George cafe

Charlie and George is a cafe to visit for some delicious breakfast or lunch including: eggs, salad, tacos, burgers and waffles. Older kids like me will enjoy jumping around the concrete blocks and playing tag outside while waiting for their food to come.  The outdoor area isn’t fenced so parents will still need to keep an eye on the little ones if they play outside. 

Auckland for Kids at Charlie and George's cafe in Stonefield, Auckland
Charlie and George cafe - Photo by Auckland for Kids

4. Guard Park

This is a small playground with a rope to swing and play on which is good to visit if you choose to visit the 3 parks and the wetlands on your walk.

Guard Park in Stonefields

5. Extreme Edge

Extreme Edge is a fun indoor rock climbing place to go to, and one that I like to often if I can convince my parents to take me.  There is a kids area for under 10 year olds that has a whole bunch of hiding places and is a great place for hide and seek.  The kids area also has a big inflatable slide, fast tube slides, a pirate ship and more.  In the main area there is tonnes of climbing walls to choose from with different themes with easy, medium and hard levels. There is an area for the dedicated climbers which is aimed at teens and adults but you will need to bring a friend or adult along to belay on the more challenging walls. This is my favourite place to go to in Stonefields and St Johns.

Extreme Edge Rock Climbing
Auckland for Kids goes rock climbing in the Kids area at Extreme Edge.
Extreme Edge Rock Climbing
The fast slides in the kids area at Extreme Edge.

6. Bluestone Playground

Bluestone playground is a fun park which has monkey bars, slides and animal springers. Most of the park is suited to younger kids, but there are still some fun parts for older kids too. There is a small grassed area that you can play some sports and games on too.

Bluestone Park playground in Stonefields, Auckland
Auckland for Kids visits Bluestone Playground in Stonefields, Auckland

7. Stonefields Wetlands

The wetlands are nice place for a family walk through nature where you can spot the birds, plants and other wildlife local to New Zealand. 

Wetlands in Stonefields

8. BMX track at Merton Road Reserve

Take your bike to have fun on the UCI BMX track which is open to the public to use all year round. 

 East City BMX has club training for beginner riders, junior and seniors. If you are looking to give BMX a good all you need is a good working bike, helmet, long pants, shirt and some gloves.They also have club night which non-members can pay to join in the races but you will need to hold a BMX NZ Licence or be a member of an affiliated club. 

Merton Road Reserve BMX Track - photo by East City BMX Club
Photo of BMX track at Merton Road Reserve by East City BMX

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  1. So only girls can play? where are the photos of boys enjoying themselves?

    • Steve, of course boys can play too. This article was written by an Auckland family who has girls. You are welcome to send in an article with some photos of your sons playing to be included on the website.

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